From Our Arms to Yours

Roo at 4 months old above  &
Bruin at adulthood below

​​​​​​​​​​​​​We are so glad you have found us! We hope you find our site a joy, and "come and go" to it, always finding a smile.

Hunter, myself and our youngest Lake...
had two days of flying and we were soooo tired/exhausted 
and ready to be home!!!!
A stranger took our photo for us at the airport.  
More family photos scattered further below and on our about us page...

Hi, I thought you would enjoy this picture.  
Charlie won the prize for 'best down' which means, he lies down on command faster than any other puppy in the class. 
That is actually pretty funny since he is such a chilled-out relaxed little guy that
lying down is definitely his favorite position!  
I would love it if you wanted to post this on your site! (just in case you need permission.)

Our family recently adopted one of Windie's Cavapoo puppies.  He arrived at the end of October and we could not be more pleased!
We did a lot of research and spoke to several breeders.  Windie exhibited the most expertise, knowledge, and compassion.  My husband was particularly impressed with the Calla lily Website.  It was our first time adopting a puppy sight unseen.  However, in the end, we felt very confident about moving forward with Windie.
I have to tell you the adoption process went very smoothly.  And when we met our "Dino" (pronounced like Deeno) in Boston we were elated.  He arrived looking a bit weary, but so sweet, clean and had festive ribbons on his crate!  
Since his arrival, he has been an utter joy.  Dino is loving, playful, very social and so smart.  We have four teenagers with very different personalities and he loves them each.  He is always ready to fetch and play, but if we are in a quiet mode, he adjusts beautifully.  He slept through the night from the very first night.
Now, we can't imagine life without Dino.  He is awesome.  I have had many other great dogs of the spaniel breed, but Dino takes the cake.  There is no question if we add to the household we would return to Windie and her delightful Cavapoo's.
My husband and I agree that Windie while very professional shows love and attachments all her puppies and it is reflected in Dino's content personality, A-1 health, and beautiful coats/eyes, 

We are smitten.
Albany NY


I'm happy to provide a reference for Windie (Calla Lily Cavapoo.)  
     My girlfriend Nicole and I purchased a cavapoo from her in June we named Hudson.  He is a wonderful dog who is playful, healthy, and a major part of our family.  And to Hudson's advantage, he is exceptionally cute.  His good nature and wonderful personality have made Hudson an excellent pet that we are proud to own.
     As for Windie's services, we are beyond pleased with her company.  Windie maintained regular detailed communication with us during our waiting period and was always available to answer our many emails with questions.  When puppies were available she sent pictures and YouTube videos of them and was always happy to oblige our requests to take just one more for us.  It was clear from the beginning that she took her role as a breeder very seriously and cared deeply about the home she was sending Hudson to.  And as confirmed by our vet, Windie went above and beyond in the amount of pre-care that Hudson received before we got him which I think speaks directly to the quality of her business.  
     We opted to have Windie travel with Hudson to drop him off to us so I also had the privilege of meeting her personally.  She is a wonderful and caring person and after having met her face to face, I feel even better about our decision to choose her.  We still maintain contact with her and send updates when we can about Hudson and how he is doing. 
     I offer my highest recommendation of Windie and would strongly encourage anyone looking for this type of dog to choose her.  If you have any specific questions, both Nicole and I are open to you contacting us directly.    I do believe that our experience with this breeder was exceptional and beyond what some of our friends have experienced purchasing their dogs. 
     I have attached some pictures of Hudson from this year.  He so well behaved that he comes to work with me.  He's a bit of clown and enjoys sleeping on his back with his legs up in the air. 
All the Best,


     I wanted to drop a quick note to assure you that these Cavapoo's and Windie are the BEST.  I have always had labs and I had to put my lab down at age 14.  I swore that I would not get another dog because my heart was so broken.  I was on facebook and saw a picture of a friend with the most precious puppy.  I emailed her and she told me the name of the breed.  I was so curious about the breed that I did my research and by God's grace was in touch with Windie. After we passed the dog owner test, it was time to get our new puppy, BOB!  Windie flew with Bob and we met in Denver.  I knew on the phone that Windie was honest, etc but when we got our puppy home, I knew this puppy was loved like no other.  They are so comfortable and the first night he acted like he had been with us forever. Since then, Bobby has been a delight.  People stop me on the street to comment on Bob's "energy" and how he should be a therapy dog because he makes everyone smile.  I have to agree that he does have this good energy about him.  He loves everyone and has so many dog friends!   He makes us laugh everyday!  We have a 3.5 year old and he is so good with her.  We are just thrilled!  He is loving his life in Aspen... he is here with me now in my office asleep at my feet.  However, I know in 30 minutes it will be time for our snow hike.  Anyway, so much for a short note but I just can't tell you how much we love our dog and how happy I am that I met Windie.  These dogs rock!  Like any dog, you need training, routine, etc... but he is the love of our lives!  I will send you a picture of him as a puppy and another one of him asleep with his office friend who is a Labrador in a separate email.

Windie, Bob wants to be on your website...Can you post some pics of him!?  I will send more to you if you would like.. thanks


Not kidding... They were sleeping...NOT playing. Adorable!

Shelter-in 2020 on Easter Sunday

Hello to All,   Hope all is well with you and the family. I wanted to share with you CinAmin's accomplishment.  She is officially a certified therapy dog with The Good Fog Foundation in New York. 
We are so proud and more than anything thank you for the beautiful girl you helped bring into this world.  [😀] [💗]  I've attached a few photos of her graduation.  May you all have a blessed day and a wonderful holidays!
Regards,    Brenda  and CinAmin

Hi Windie!!!
I 'm not sure if you got my last set of pictures or not I have another cute one of Oliver.  I thought I would send over today.  We were neutered yesterday and is doing great!!!
I just love him SO much!!!!  Hope you are doing well!!!!

Kristin and Ryan

Oliver with Kristin and younger photo with Oliver and Ryan

You cannot find a better breeder than CallaLily Cavapoo at all...we brought our adorable little 'bear' home to ------------'s 
mid-September and we couldn't ask for a sweeter, smarter, handsomer puppy!!
In fact, he's become somewhat of a celebrity at our kids' private school--everyone loves him--I've referred 2 teachers and one other (very discerning) family to calla lily cavapoos so they can get a similar dog.  
Bear is a beautiful, playful (but gentle with all the 6 and 7-year-olds we have in our house), very personable and healthy little dog...he is so affectionate--
as I type this he is chilling on the couch in ----- with my husband and kids...  
Call me if you need more info--Windie is the best breeder, hands down!
Dear -----,
Calla Lily Cavapoo's provided your contact information and said you are considering a cavapoo from her.  Our dog, Charlie, came to us in February and I can't say ENOUGH good things about him and about Calla Lily Cavapoo's.
Charlie is the perfect temperament -- sweet, energetic & friendly.  He is highly intelligent and easy to train.  He is the perfect family dog.  He loves other dogs, loves children and adults.  We recently met a very young puppy and Charlie, who is playfully exuberant with other dogs, was very careful with the smaller puppy -- playful, but he knew to be more gentle.  
Windie knows her dogs.  She was always available for questions.  My sister also has a cavapoo from Windie and hers is as terrific as ours.  I just referred 3 other families, one of whom just got their puppy last week and are thrilled.  Charlie arrived happy and completely healthy.  Windie recommends great food for the dogs and has a holistic, healthy approach to their eating, training, and lifestyle.  Charlie arrived able to go through the night.  He remains a picture of health and brings a smile to our face every day.

I am happy to answer specific questions if you want to contact me, but again, can't say enough great things about Windie and her puppies!

I am attaching a photo of Charlie (now 7 months) from our recent vacation, where he swam for the first time (and loved it).

Best regards,
Ginny ------
July 2011

                                        Ginny & Charlie

August 2012

...The Sturges' Five 


October 2011
The Sturges' Five in front of our pond 


adopted and grown up- running photo to the right

see reference pages for more adorable photos of our flat and fluffy coated Cavapoos!!
We specialize with Cavapoo Hybrid puppies! 

F1 = 50/50 cross  
(Poodle to Cavalier) only.

We are a very small hobby breeder with a family full of love for our doggies!
We will always be small and thus do not "always" have puppies available.
We do not/will not "broker" for other breeders.
We do not/will not sell to brokers.
We raise our puppies and care for our doggies the way they should be! 
With love and give daily attention and affection, 
in a clean home-like environment to all of our doggies!!
Puppies adoption fee:
$2,950.00 plus transportation

Full health certification
Full vaccination & worming regimen
Full health guarantee
Handheld and loved from the first moments of life!
You are always welcome to come and see us!
View our many references!!!
~see mommy and daddy's page for information on our parents~ 
Call or email for details:

Hi Windie! 
Just wanted to give you an update on our precious puppy! Watson (originally "Dandy") has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is energetic, playful, and very cuddly. Watson has been great with other dogs and kids! My niece and nephew absolutely loved having him on family vacation this past week. Here are a couple of pictures from last week at the beach! He is heading to Colorado with us next week! We cannot thank you enough! 
Emily and Larson

Precious Puppies!

Specializing with Cavapoo's since 2006 ~they are the only breed we do!

One of our Cavapoo's, now age 5, with his new buddy Cavapoo from us at 10 weeks of friends...
~too precious!!!!

Below ~ Elderly Adult  doggie and new puppy best of friends!!!!


Hello Windie!  Just thought I would pass along a few photo of our favorite fur ball! Oh my goodness, Levi is just amazing! Yesterday, the mailman pulled down our driveway and asked to see him! This little dog sure has a way with people and he is such a joy to have!
I hope you are well and that Spring has finally arrived (it’s still chilly here)!          Warmly,      Jeff and Meg

Red puppy  has already  been spoken for in this video.

We do not normally have any available puppies,
as our depositors have the first option for choice
and all litters are quickly chosen by that line-up.

Tidbits of info:

Not all Cavapoo's have a fluffy coat. 
Some are curly, some are wavy, some are flat
and they can have a combination of the two.
There can never be any guarantee's from anyone
on what your 50/50 cross/hybrid's coat will have at adulthood.

That is the downside to the doodle world...
Some like ém fluffy and some like ém flat...
but only mother-nature~has control of that!

lol - Yes-I just made that little rhyme...

Happily, they are both beautiful doggies!

(Cavapoo Siblings above, Ella and Chotsy)

Our puppies, Ella and Chotsy, have “put the smile back on our faces”,
after the loss of our dog this past April.  
The love and joy they bring cannot be measured or expressed with words.
It is obvious these puppies came from a loving and nurturing environment
…and we could not be more pleased!

We will, periodically, update you with photos as they mature.  
Thank you so much…and please feel free to use us as a reference anytime!!!
Sharron S.
August 4, 2015

Hi Windie!
Just wanted to shoot a quick email with an u & couple photos of Mr OBie. First of all he’s adjusted into our family beautifully & we truly couldn’t have asked for a better experience! He is extremely smart, house training very well, learning his name, how to walk on a leash and to sit. He had his 2nd vet appointment this week he was 13 weeks old Monday & he’s 6.5 lbs of complete perfection!  :)
We are extremely thankful to have him! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!! God Bless!      With love,  Kristin                                                                      11/2020

Easter 2020

During our nations

Shelter-in Precautions

Windie and Brent,
Just wanted you to know what a positive experience we had while adopting our puppies.  
We will forever be grateful to have found such a wonderful breeder, from which to adopt our babies!  
We researched different breeds, as well as different breeders,
and absolutely chose the best breed and breeder!!  
All the information you provided to prepare our home for the puppies was invaluable!  
Since we picked-up our puppies from your home,
we were able to see everything, finding all to be exceptionally clean and well-maintained.  
Healthy puppies come from healthy homes and our puppies received the highest marks from our veterinarian upon our return home.

Amazing Doggies and Exclusive Cavapoo Breeders!

​Adult - Bella

So many much fun!

Here are some more references 
and photos of our puppies in their new/forever&ever homes:

Calla Lilly Cavapoo

Above: Matilda 5 months old
Thought you'd enjoy a picture of Matilda!  She's almost 5 months old.  Full of energy and keeping Sadie young!  Trained her to ring a bell to let us know she needs to go outside to do her "duty."  Finally potty trained!!
Picture of the two girls on the couch watching football with Dave and me!  They're so cute together!  When Sadie doesn't respond fast enough to me, Matilda will go pull her by the ear to bring Sadie to me.  And when I don't respond to Sadie sitting by the back door to go out, Matilda will go ring the bell!! 

She's just taking care of her big sister!!                        Jenny 

We are in love with Misty!
She is the talk of the neighborhood. Misty is just beautiful, lovable, sweet and is adjusting so well. It is obvious that she comes from a good home. I understand why your wait list is so long. It was well worth the wait! You have done a beautiful job raising her for the start of her life. She has such a sweet personality. She is laying in my lap while I am writing this. She smells so good, as I just gave her a bath. 
We went to the vet on Monday, and she got a clean bill of health. They were sooo impressed!  They LOVE her at our vet. Some of the assistants didn't know what breed she is but they all think she is beautiful! She has met a few of our closest friends and so far only dogs that we know well and in good health.

She has slept through the night (in her crate) since she came to our home except for one night when she woke us at 1:30 AM to go potty, but when we came back inside, she went right back to sleep. No one believes me when I tell them that she sleeps through the night.  She is doing beautifully!!! We are amazed! 

Thank you for your good recommendation on how to potty train. The positive reinforcement is working. We get sooo excited when she goes outside at a designated area and give a small treat when she is done. She is so proud. We've only had a couple of accidents in the house so far, that was mostly our fault. We are all getting to know her and her needs.

I took away the bed that was in the den for a day, and keep it in the kitchen now so she can play and lay by me while I am cooking. She stays in her playpen/den off and on during the day if I have to run out for a bit. I leave the crate door open and she goes in when she wants. She seems very content and usually doesn't complain. She is tired a lot as she gets lots of play time. We introduced the leash on Monday and she did really well. She scratches her neck because of the collar, but she seems to be adjusting to that too. 

The children have taken to her and love her like a little sister. It's hard for Sofia not to bring her to bed with her, but she understands that the crate is the way to go, and sometime in the future she may be able to have a "Sleep-Over", but not until Misty is set in her routine. 

I will take a copy of the Vet's Well check and send to you ASAP. We went ahead and put a tiny chip in Misty so that if she should get lost, she can more easily be found. I heard her cry out for a second but she seemed to be fine afterward. Just hard on mommy.

My husband wants a GPS, but I don't think there is such a thing. He is already dreading of someone stealing her. She is just the most beautiful and perfect dog we have ever know. 
Thank you for raising such a wonderful little creature. We will forever be grateful and we are sooooo glad that we stuck it out and waited for Misty. We love our little baby girl!

Hi there,
     I'm writing this at Windie's request, of Calla lily Cavapoo's.  My name is Vivian --- and I live in LA (although my parents are in -------- NJ - do you know it?).  I actually visited Windie's house in Oklahoma this past summer.  She is wonderful, and the pups are in fantastic care.  I have the sweetest little puppy from Windie that I got in October.  She nanny-ed him over here personally.  His name is Jasper.  Photo attached.  He was 90% potty trained when he got here, and has the sweetest, most affectionate temperament, and is so smart.  Everyone loves him.  I keep telling Windie that he is perfect.
Best regards,

Windie asked me to send you a note about my experience with her.  I adopted a puppy from her a few years ago and I can tell you that our Cody is the best dog in the world.  I was never a dog owner and had no idea what to do or what it would be like to have a dog, so you can imagine I was a bit nervous and gun-shy about it.  I can tell you it was the MOST pleasant experience I could have ever imagined.  From the first conversation I had with her I could tell that she was one of the kindest, sweetest, and honest people I had ever come in contact with.  She was patient and answered all my questions over and over again (and I had a lot) both before I got Cody and for weeks after (I still go to her for advice).  I could tell from talking to her what a sweet and caring person she was.  And her puppies are just the same way. Their personalities and kind demeanor are a direct result of her.  I could not have asked for a more loving, sweet, kind-hearted doggie than my Cody.
From the moment he arrived at our house he has been a pleasure.  He trained like a dream (Windie begins that process at her house) and was instantly a part of our family.  He has been with us for 2 1/2 years now and has brought so much joy into our house you can't imagine. 
Cody is good with children (I have 2), other animals and of course people.  He's nearly always by my side or following me around.  I could not have asked for a better pet. 
I would HIGHLY recommend getting a Cavapoo as a pet in your home and for sure adopting him/her from Windie.  You will not be sorry!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I have attached a picture of my dog for you to see.
Good Luck, puppies page!!!

Exclusive Cavapoo Breeder


Miss Pixie went to the beauty shop for the very first time today and wanted you to see:) they barely did anything since it was the first time! We love her so!
The new babies are Gorgeous!!!!

There is a waiting time for our puppies, 
 those times vary and an estimate will come with our email auto response and can be confirmed with our phone conversation.  :)

We must speak before you may become a part of our depositor waiting group. (by invitation only)
phone:  918-533-3887

We strive to return all missed calls and emails
within 48 hours:  Monday thru Saturday.

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy at this time. Windie told me you are considering one of her wonderful doggies. All I can say is DO IT!  I am on my second wonderful cavapoo of hers. Our first, Cody unfortunately passed away last June. He was just 11. I think she was as upset about his passing as I was. He was our first dog and my experience with Windie 12 years ago was beyond exceptional. She is one of the sweetest, nicest and kindest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She helped me immeasurably after I got Cody. I had never had a dog before and she made the jump to doggie mom so easy. Her dogs are beyond amazing. Not only are they beautiful but also sweet, loving, and smart. That’s because they begin their life with a warm and loving environment in her home.          Once we lost Cody, we immediately contacted Windie for another dog and we were lucky enough that she had one for us. I couldn’t imagine another love in our life as much as we loved Cody. But of course, Windie came through again. Joey is a dream. He is just as smart, loving, and easy as Cody was. And if it’s possible even more affectionate!  Just like with Cody, Windie was there from the beginning helping me adjust (though this time didn’t need as much calming down). Joey arrived to us already trained through the night and now he’s been with us 9 months and ready to turn 1 and he’s completely house trained.          I could go on and on about how wonderful Windie, her family, and her doggies are for hours. All I can say is, you will not regret choosing to adopt a doggie from her. My husband and kids are already ready for another one!
If things were different I would love for you to meet Joey in person. But instead, I have included a picture of Cody and Joey for you to see.

They don’t look the same but their personalities are similar.
Best regards, Lisa

Above, our family in 2011 and below, our family August 2016.


Our sweet Maggie Lynn turned 3 today

and we celebrated with a long walk at the park and frosty paw ice cream treats!

She is still just the best girl in the bunch.  

She plays like a champ with both our "find" Arthur Edgar and Meshach.  

She is so well trained and focused on pleasing me that she doesn't even require a leash.  

She happily runs up (but never jumps) to people just to say hi and then scampers off.  

She is just such a delightful little girl and I am forever grateful that we got her from you.  Here are some recent pix for your enjoyment.

 I hope this message finds you well.  Love your new "baby" girl.

The picture of her with the boys holding her hands is precious.  

Take good care and God bless you!

Give us a call: 918-533-3887  

You are always welcome to come and visit us ON SITE at our home 
at time of choosing your puppy, 
you will just give us a call and we will put our calendars together!
We strive to be the best lovers, caretakers, holistic-health promoters and breeders 
for our doggies and doggie families!
Veterinarian Yearly Health Certified (documented) adults; 
and well-puppy check-ups 2-3 times before leaving us(also documented)!!!
Registered for proof of hybrid lineage and that the puppies COME FROM US.
Health Guarantee in writing!
Our families are required read our Recommendations pamphlet and then to sign a statement of dedication and care for their puppy.
Please, be aware of "issues" in the puppy world, and do your homework.
Sincerely ~ your friends,
Calla Lily Cavapoo

The Sturges' Six! August 2016 Below: