Lily and Chloe
       Absolutely!  They met for the first time on Christmas day.  The funniest thing is the picture of Lily eating Chloe's food.  Chloe is so picky about what she eats, but Lily will eat any and everything.  And their personalities are so interesting.  Cassie's other dog, Penelope, is a Shitzu and completely runs the show. 

     Lily can hold her own, but poor Chloe is so passive we had to separate them.  And just so you know, Chloe goes everywhere with us and everyone just loves her.  I have given out your website info to so many people and can't even count the number. 
In any case, I hope you had a great holiday and I hope your family is well!

Andrea, Renee, Frank (not pictured - Currently in the Navy & out to sea)
(Thank you!),
Anthony & Nicholas Leukemia survivor & fighter!! 
We (without knowing) beat the "MAKE A WISH" Foundation
to bring an answer to many prayers;  Big Red is now the new, little, "hairy brother" and companion to this wonderful family!! 
I am grateful beyond words,  that we were able to be a piece in a very special puzzle!! 
Our hearts, admiration and prayers are with your family!!
 Windie ~ Calla Lily Cavapoos


Email us to schedule a time to chat by phone if you would like to talk about one of our puppies becoming a part of your family.

Hi Windie,
I hope you and your family are doing well. Andy is doing fabulously and we adore him. A question for you -- when do these little guys reach their full height and weight. A couple different people (a vet and a groomer) think Andy could get up to 20 lbs! Do you think that's possible? He's about 12 1/2 right now and the vet says he is a perfect weight, not to fat not to trim. Just curious. He is a sweetheart and Molly and I start obedience class in two weeks with him.
PS This pic is a couple of weeks old already, but thought you'd like to see him. 
Thanks !



I thought you would like to see some pictures of our babies Sable & Logan for their second Christmas with us.  They have been wonderful little doggies.  They are now a year and a half and have been great little dogs!
Happy Holidays!
Alex & Lisa 

Lots of Photos from our families!

Our puppies are $2,950.00 plus transportation.
We offer Nanny transportation, where the puppies are in our continual care on board with us in the air or in our own vehicles if driving to meet you!

Just to let you know Remi is just such a delightful little puppy and we just love her to bits! She's a clever little girl, very vocal and seems to voice her opinions about all sorts of things! She loves the outdoors and I know as she gets older her favorite spot will be sat on the deck, contentedly keeping check of the back yard. I feel she has more dominant poodle traits, I could be wrong but her agility and her expressions make me feel that way (my Nana always had poodles and I remember what they were like).

Anyway I just wanted you to know how well she's doing and how happy we are that she's part of our lives.

I hope everything is going well for all of you, I've been thinking of you and your trip to Haiti. After meeting you and knowing what a truly wonderful start in life you give these puppies I couldn't help but think of what you have done for these two wonderful children. What a wonderful family you are.

With very best wishes
August 2016

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Hi Windie

    So sorry we haven't emailed you sooner.  Couscous is doing great! 
We are so in love with her.  We seriously believe that she is the cutest puppy in all of DC - everyone stops on their tracks to play with her. 
    Her behavior has been getting better and better every day. 
We couldn't ask for more.  When we first got her, she was just under 6 lbs,
and now, she is 10 lbs!  Such a big puppy!  We absolutely love her!
    We're attaching some pictures so you can have them. 
We'll email you soon with more updates, but thanks so much for giving us 
our dream puppy.
All the best,
Shannon and Scott

Hi Windie,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the card/picture!  I'll try to hook up the camera and send you more!
    Yes, Tess' coat is amazing.  It is as soft as can be - not "wirey" or coarse.  She's soft like...hmmm, hard to describe...maybe cashmere?  Just fluffy and wonderful.  Yes, the girls LOVE her.  They are constantly hugging her and giving her attention.  It's a great distraction for them!  Tess has added so much to our lives!  We always talk about you, and how much you care for your dogs, and how much we appreciate what you do!  We wouldn't be surprised if we added another of your pups to our family in a few years.  It has been a wonderful experience.
    Tess is about 20 pounds now.  We'll check her weight in 2 months when she turns one! 
We wish you and your family a happy, healthy New Year!  All the best!
Hi Windie,
     I hope you and your family are all well!  We are freezing in NY.  It has gotten a bit warmer, but it's colder than normal.
    Tess is doing great!  We all love her so much!  She's so happy, healthy, playful, curious and smart - so much like a little person - without the moodiness!  She's laid back, and great with the girls (so patient); it's like she's always been a part of our family.  The funniest thing is how she gets so excited when we get home, even if we've only been gone for 20 minutes.  You'd think we'd been gone for years!  She jumps, snorts, wags her tails and gives kisses (and of course, has a little accident!)  We've learned to open the door to the crate and then quickly run outside for our greeting!!!
     Thanks for a wonderful puppy!  Tess is 9 and 1/2 months old, and she must be close to 20 pounds.  We found a great groomer who keeps her hair at a manageable length.  Her coat is sooooo soft!  We just hug her and hug her.
     I will learn to hook my digital camera up to the computer and send you some pictures - by Christmas, I promise.
In the mean time, have a great Thanksgiving with your family!
Your friend,
Hi Windie

As I write this email it is snowing and we are getting ready for a New Year’s celebration. 

Speaking of snow…..Lucie loves the snow!!! She is almost 6 months old
and has become a major part of our family.  Our life practically revolves around her.
As a matter of fact, we just returned from a long weekend in DC to visit family.
We drove with her from New York and stayed in a pet friendly hotel. She did great!

Lucie is a VERY friendly puppy. She loves all people and other dogs…even the golden retrievers in the neighborhood. She graduated from puppy kindergarten and my younger daughter has taught her to sit, give paw, fetch and roll over.
Lucie will be spayed in 2 weeks and then we will have her “officially” groomed. 
However, no short, butchered haircuts for Lucie.
I have attached a recent photo.  Please feel free to share on your website (which is great, by the way).

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Windie.

I hope you and your family had a nice Christmas.
Jack is doing great.
Hi Windie,
We are all doing well, I've been very busy with the gift shop and with my new baby, Gracie!
She is just precious, doing pretty well with potty training, is eating well, had her 1st vet checkup last week and passed with flying colors!  She is also doing well with adjusting to our other dogs.  She has bonded so well with our 60+ lb springer spaniel.  Her name is Abbie and she lets Gracie pull on her hair, her ears, and they play chase and she even lets Gracie walk over her back and lays next to her a lot.  Gracie is pretty independent and a little hard headed at times but I think she gets that from me.  I'll send pics later, right now I have a cold and feel blahhhh.

Hope all is well with youl
Thanks for everything she is a dream come true.
Thanks, Robin

Hi Windie-

I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos!  I hope that you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving!  

Winston and I traveled to Colorado for the holidays!  He is doing parents have fallen in love, and I gave your name to 4 people on the plane!  I actually got bumped up to first class because of Winston, they thought he was so cute that they put me in first class, isn't that hilarious! 
So, I got the open crate as the trainer I am using suggested it.  Winston seems to love it, he is doing wonderful in the crate.  I don't cover it at night and he has a white towel in there and has not made any mistakes.  He is really almost potty trained, i am SO impressed!  We don't use piddle pads, as i told you, they just aren't my thing, and I'm with him enough to take him out constantly.  We even got him a sweater so that he wouln't shake every time we went out...haha..too much fun!  
My parents do have the kennel cab that you suggested, as do I,  and he does well in there too.  We still have the blanket you gave to us, and it travels with him.  He is really so sweet.  He's loves to cuddle and really loves walking on the leash!  He is SO YUMMY, and has made me and so many of us so happy!  He is very social and has many doggie friends.  He spent Thanksgiving with 6 other dogs, and he played mostly with a black lab puppy...Winston thought he was just as big, it was so cute!  I was a protective Mommie, but I tried to hold back and let him have fun!


We love him so much! Thanks Windie.
He had his vet checkup, and the vet said "Its always great to meet a happy healthy puppy"!

Exclusive Cavapoo Breeder


I hope all is well with you and your family.
Roger is still the most perfect dog imaginable.  We call him "Roger Poppins"  since he is practically perfect in every way!
I am sure you will like this picture. Here's Roger with his classmates! Roger is the most adorable on on the far right of the bench next to his best frien Oscar the French Bulldog.


Dear Windie,

I know that it has been a long time since we were in contact but we just wanted you to know how great Farnsworth is and how much he has added to our life. He is an absolute joy. He is so beautiful, not a day goes by that people everywhere fall in love with him. His markings, his joyous personality, his sweet and loving disposition, they way he loves other dogs and people are the comments we get all the time He is the star where ever we go. He goes every where with us. W e recently moved to Rancho Mirage Ca. and all of the restaurants allow dogs , we are known as theFarnsworth party. He is so well behaved and smart and was easy to train.He is also a very big boy he has leveled off at 30 lbs. and seem to have finally stopped growing. Luckily he still thinks he is a lap dog, and sits at our feet or follows us around. He is so affectionate and loving, we don't know what we would do without him. We love him so much and he has completed our family. I know I am rambling but we just wanted to update you on what a special dog he is. It is so obvious the you all gave him so much love and attention and it set him on this path. We have recommended you to dozens of people that have fallen in love with him. It is hard to believe that he is about to have his second birthday. I guess i'll stop gushing and say good buy. Thank you so very much for bringing Farnsworth into our life. All the best to you family ,and keep up the great work.
Best Regards,
John, Phillip and Farnsworth

Hi Windie & Brent,

     It's impossible to put into words just how in love we are with this little guy ! ! ! !
We keep forgetting that Farnsworth has only been with us for just two days ! He's already figured out the apartment  layout; claimed his favorite spots; he recognizes our building and pulls me to the door at the end of our walks and knows his pathway through the lobby and to our apartment, just like he's an old timer!
Highlights ................
- He's been sleeping though the nights in his crate next to our bed with no problems.
- absolutely knows his name and comes instantly !
- Sits on command about 98% .... "Stay", not so great yet, but he's getting the idea !
- a few piddles inside, but we feel he's doing very well in the housebreaking dept. and we're starting to recognize his cues ( today he actually sat and stared at
  the front door until I took him out )
- he is distracted by the sounds and activity of the city sidewalks , but even sudden loud noises are quickly forgotten, so he's going to adapt easily and quickly ,
  He's not really frightened, just curious and trying to take it all in.
He will be neutered and chipped right after New Years and we're all signed up for puppy kindergarten classes starting the first week in Dec.
Every walk takes longer because at least one person (or more) stops to gush and ask what kind of dog he is, and Farnsworth just plays it to the hilt being impossibly cute and friendly !  We are already certain that we have a very special dog ! ! !
Thank You so much, we'll keep in touch,
Phillip & John

Hi Windie-  
Hope you are well.  Things here are fine.  Maggie is doing great and we are enjoying her so much.   
Here is a picture that I thought you would enjoy!!!  Hope all is well.  All the new puppies are sooo cute!!!  how many on the waiting list???  I bet a ton.  Ya never know when we may hop on that list.....
Hope all is well my friend!!!  We miss you!!!


Hi Windie,
We are just in love with Tweety! He is the sweetest dog we have ever seen! Everywhere we go people ask about him and say they have never seen such a cute dog! One thing I was going to ask you is: he goes #2 about 6 or 7 times a day. Is this normal for these guys? Thank you so much for everything. He acts like he has been a part of the family forever! Also, how is your sister in law. We have all of you in our prayers.

     On the Maggie front what a sweet baby girl. We are still working on pottying outside. She has had about one accident per day but she will get it soon I am sure as now she knows that the spot we take her to in the yard means potty time. She went to the quilt store with me today while Shelby was at the movie.

     She was so tired she feel asleep on the cutting table with her head on a bolt of fabric. She moved her head a tiny bit and this women remarked that she thought she was a toy not our sweet big girl. Shots are scheduled for this coming Saturday. She and Meshach are getting along great.

     They are so funny when they play together. So that's about it. Thanks for checking on us. Hope all is well with your sister in law.



I am so sorry I forgot to include JJ's 1st birthday party picture for you to share with some of your prospective parents to be.  I want them to know how wonderful our baby is and how special we think your particular brand of breeding & service is.

Again, we are sooo happy to have him and he is such a special part of our lives.  We argue over who gets to cuddle with him next and since there just isn't enough JJ Puffin to go around, we simply have to have another cavapoo..  Everyone is fascinated by and in love with him... He is one that is difficult to detect the poodle.  He loves the lake and riding in the boat.  A true member of the family, he is very rarely excluded from anything we do.  And, when one of is sick, he is reluctant to leave that person's  side. Not only that but he seems to have a genuine concern for their welfare.

He is so happy and loving and just looking at him seems to make people smile or just laugh with him.  He is truly special and the best dog I have ever had.  We love him so very much and are excited at the thought of having a little blondie just like him!  He is 18 lbs. right now which is bigger than we expected but, what can we say... he is perfect (even if he does sill get into a little mischief).  His phantom coat is as unique and gorgeous as he is!!

He is wearing his "I love my daddy" t-shirt so you can't see all of his coat but you can get the idea by looking at his legs.  His coat is so soft. too!

Like I said, we will be sure to bring him with us when we come to pick our next puppy!

Thank you for making these puppies HAPPEN!  Your meticulous attention to detail and love for what you do shows in every aspect of the process of bringing these little charming gems into the world and getting them to their "forever homes".

Alexis, Larry, Avery & Logan