Our puppies are $2,950.00 plus transportation.
We offer Nanny transportation, where the puppies are in our continual care on board with us in the air or in our own vehicles if driving to meet you!


     Rumi is the best thing that ever happened to our family.  He is good, smart, cuddly and the best friend in the world to me and to Skylar.
I am so grateful to have him.
     Did I tell you that when we go on our walk each morning, there are kids standing waiting for the school bus.  When they see us they say “WOW, here comes the golden ball of joy” about Rumi!
Hope you are thriving!
All good things,

Hi Windi!
I thought you would appreciate the latest picture of our little star.  You can't see it but her shirt has sparkly stars all over the back.
 Hope you and family are well!

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Hi Windie:

Lisa wants to go back on your waiting list already...we miss the weekly updates on the puppies!  I'm encouraging her to wait just a bit longer before we get another pup...and to move into a bigger house with more room for everybody, especially another energetic puppy.

Mickey is doing wonderful.  He's such a joy.  When people learn he's still a puppy, everyone comments about how calm he is.  Believe me, he still has lots and lots and lots of puppy energy!!  He's so smart.  We just love him more every day.  We're so glad he's in our lives.

He enjoys doggy daycare on Tuesday and Thursday every week.  Tomorrow is going to be Mickey's first day alone in the exercise pen for about 8 hours while we're at work.  We're a little nervous, but think he'll do just fine.  The biggest emotion for us is guilt!!  We'll see how he does.  But, he'll have fun again all day at doggy daycare on Thursday and Kim's Dad loves to come over and hang with Mickey, so he'll do so on Friday.  

We've attached some pictures of Mickey that we took a couple weeks ago.  He's so handsome!  We registered him and gave him the name Calla Lily's Marvelous Mickey.

Thanks for breeding such a fantastic breed of dog.  He's just wonderful.

Kim and Lisa

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     Windie mentioned to me that you are considering adopting a puppy from her. We live in Rye Brook, and have had our Cavapoo, Bailey, for 3 years. She is a wonderful sweet and smart. Windie is an amazing person - she and her family are very loving with the puppies and they come to you very sweet and well adjusted. There are actually several of Windie's dogs in our town (and I think in the surrounding towns as well). 
     We can't believe that we have had Bailey for 3 years already! She is so great and has become another member of the family! I attached a picture!

Some more sweet pics for you to post!

Liz L


    Cookie and Oreo are doing so great together!!!  She has started
backing off of him and not being so dominant, and they are playing and
getting along really well!!!
    I've attached a couple pictures from this weekend and also an older
one of Cookie that was taken the first day she came home - it's so
funny how much smaller she was than Oreo - the big tank :)
    Hope you had a great weekend and have safe travels delivering all of
the puppies!!


Dear -------- and --------,   Windie informed me that you were considering adopting a cavapoo – how exciting!  My husband Sean and I discussed getting a puppy shortly after we were married and opted for a poodle hybrid due to my allergies.  Over the next several months, we spent hours researching hybrids and determined that a cavapoo was the breed for us too!  Then, once we were committed, the hard work began of finding a cavapoo breeder, since no local breeders are here in San Francisco .   We used----------------  and contacted several breeders on-line including; ------, ----------, -----------------, and CallalilyCavapoos.  While all websites we researched were very informative and the e-mail exchanges helpful, we really liked and appreciated Windie and her website the best.  I liked that Windie talks about herself, her family and her kennel business openly on-line and the photos of her kennel helped me imagine what life is like for all her dogs.  There are also photos listed of each mommy and daddy - along with photos of her recent liters too.  And the referrals she posted helped confirm our decision to contact her directly. 

When we first called Windie, she was prompt in returning our call and I got a good vibe from our conversation.  There's no doubt she loves her ALL her puppies very much!  And we appreciated that she "screened" us and our motives for getting a puppy and was not quick to simply push an adoption on us, as a good breeder should.  We discussed timing and it worked in our favor that the puppy we had our sights on was ready for adoption shortly after making contact with her.  She then kept our puppy for a few weeks longer (upon our request) so we wouldn't have to board him so soon upon his arrival to his new home during our week vacation in Hawaii .  A true sign she cares deeply for finding ways to minimize the stress puppies endure during their transition to their new homes. 

We opted to have Roscoe travel with Windie on his journey to San Francisco as we just couldn't image placing him in the cargo section all alone in the plane.  When we arrived at the airport, we were pleasantly surprised to find two other families with crates at baggage pick-up who also were waiting for Windie's arrival!  They also found Windie on-line and took the same leap of faith we did of adopting from her without any prior references other than her website.  We traded stories about how we all researched the same breeder list, and for various reasons, liked Windie the best!   This experience confirmed and settled any doubt that we'd made the right choice.  And the opportunity to meet Windie in person was great!  She is super friendly, down to earth and adores her puppies!  We recognized it was difficult for her and her son to say good bye to Roscoe at the airport, as they'd grown quite attached to him during his extended stay.  Her other two puppies were just as sweet and beautiful!  

To our pleasant surprise, Roscoe already knew how to fetch the ball on his first night with us!  Also, it didn't take him long to potty-train him too.  He now can “go potty” on command.  And he's so full of life, energy and love for people (especially kids!), that we initially wondered if he'd ever care to play with his pals in puppy school!   But that has long ago changed as he goes on daily doggie walks with a pack of doggie friends and has mellowed out some with age now that he’s 1.5 yrs old.  He’s super smart and very well trained and behaved - which wasn’t hard to do as he’s definitely eager to please.   

We were both initially cat lovers - but again, due to my allergies, couldn't adopt a cat.  But with Roscoe in our lives now, we just couldn't imagine not ever having had a dog before and certainly couldn’t imagine not having Roscoe in our lives now!  Everyone remarks on his striking coloring - mostly black, with white (sock) paws, white tip tail and brown brows and sideburns.  He definitely favors more his daddy, Max, who's grandfather was a tri-color cavalier, and the exact coloring we were hoping for!   We initially thought Roscoe would be smaller in size - around 14lbs or so, but he's even exceeded Windie's expectations and is now a healthy 20 lbs – a perfect size for us. He shedding is minimal (certainly not like cats) and requires a quick brush daily to help keep matted hair away, especially around the ears.  I'm very pleased that I've not had any allergic reactions to him as it's been a long time I've been able to kiss any pet!  He actually loves to be kept clean and so we opt to bathe him about once a week since the hair around his paws get dirty fairly easy after playing in the muddy parks.  But with routine grooming, he always looks and smells great! 

Roscoe looks and acts every bit like a dog should, but he also loves to cuddle and sit and sleep on our laps which is, in our opinion, the best of both worlds!  I would highly recommend Windie to anyone looking for adorable, loveable, smart, great-with-kids, cute, and the sweetest of dogs!  If you have any questions or would like more information on Windie and/or our thoughts on CallalilyCavapoos, please don't hesitate to contact me on my mobile: -------------.  We’re also open to having you meet us and Roscoe in San Francisco if that might help your decision.  I’ve attached a fairly recent picture of our little guy, sometimes referred to as our little Love Bug.  :)

Good luck with your puppy search!