Hi Windie!                                                                                                         
     I hope all is well with you and your family! Of course, I also hope your doggies and their babies are doing great. 
I just wanted to send you an update on little Hudson, formerly known as Calvin. He as an absolute doll - it feels like we have always had him here. He fits in with us perfectly and brings us so much joy every day. He is my dream dog in every way!
     He loves everyone that he meets and greets both people and other doggies with nothing but tail wags, kisses, and love. This is a good thing, because I rarely walk down our busy D.C. street without being asked what kind of dog he is and having people stop to pet him! Just today I had a stranger tell me he was the happiest dog he's ever seen. It is finally starting to feel like fall here, and he loves it! It is so adorable to watch him prance down the street or chase after leaves.
     He loves going to the dog park and playing with the other puppies, but more often than not, he ends up making a new human friend and find himself in another dog-lover's lap, getting cuddled on a bench. Basically, he fits right in in Washington - always schmoozing. Hudson for President?!
     He has not had an accident since early September, and we consider him completely housetrained. He doesn't even have any slips when he goes to visit friends or our parents. He loves his crate and will go in there to take naps during the day. He also goes there when we tell him to, which is very nice! Currently, he can sit, lie down, stay, go to his crate on command, and come when he's called - unless he's got something really fun going on at the time. :-)  I really hope to train him to be a therapy dog when he is a little older. I think he has the perfect temperament and so much love to give - he would be fantastic.
     I've attached some recent pictures. He has had his face trimmed and is due to go in for his first haircut pretty soon. He is so cute in his natural shaggy state though - I am hesitant to take him in!
Please feel free to use us as a reference and to post any pictures or parts of this email on your website. If any of your potential new owners would like to call or email with me, I'd be so happy to talk to them.
     We can't thank you enough for giving our little guy such a perfect start in life! 
P.S. Don't worry about the pictures of the roses - we didn't let him eat them. And we actually didn't stage those. I think he's a natural model. :-)



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Hi Windie, 
We have had Bailey for only a month and a half but it feels like she has been a part of our family forever! She is so sweet and loving, and is doing very well with her training! We think she is the best puppy ever! She is so soft and so beautiful! She is wonderful with the kids and loves making new friends! People stop us on our walks to say hi to her and to tell us how cute she is! She had a doggie playdate the other day with Cody...also from you! They had a great time :) attached is one picture, but I'll send more!! 

Common Question:

Do Cavapoo's get along well with other animals and small children?

This is what we have received from our families...and a photo can speak a thousand words!

My timeline for a thank you note has come and gone, and Christmas has come and gone, as I had full anticipation of sending you a Christmas greeting..., and here we are a YEAR later!  My sincerest apologies!  
You have brought the greatest gift to us! Izzie (formerly Ginger) is our little joy!!!!  Her personality changes ALL of the time, and when you didn't think it was possible for her to get any sweeter, she DOES!!!!  She turned one on March 19th!!!, and we celebrated with an all natural doggie cake -- which she LOVED!  We also gave her a new toy duck which she can now call her own....she LOVES it!  We have some ducks that tend to want to land in our pool / pond, and she wanted so badly to chase after them or play with them -- not sure which one...lol!  Neil keeps pondering the idea of getting her a little brother or sister, but that FINAL decision will be up to him; I'm ready to add to the brood ;o)!  I have included a picture that went on our Christmas cardthis year; she was a bit done after 25 pictures set on auto timer, but we got ONE! - lol - Neil was a trooper to as his Saints were playing in a playoff game- GO SAINTS!  Thanks again for bringing us SUCH JOY!  Hope all is well with you all!!! and you all survived this crazy winter!  Yea SPRING!
Paige & Neil

Finely in San Fran!  Love our yearly Calendar at Christmas time!!!

Hi Windie,
It’s been too long but wanted to let you know how much we absolutely LOVE Willie.  He is by far, the best dog we have had ever.
He is smart, and lovable , and has a funny sense of humor.
He looks like a fluff ball, but acts like a real dog!  He loves to race through our pastures chasing rabbits and who knows what else at our ranch and discovered that he loves to swim in the pool too!  My kids adore him and he is lost with us as well.  
His favorite thing is to ride in the car to pick up kids and receives attention each time from everyone.  They all want to pet and hold him.  :)
He is perfectly crate trained (so easy!) and really smart.  He is obsessed with tennis balls and can catch them out of the air!  We can tell him things to go fetch , like a stuffed cat he likes named “kitty” and he will pick the cat out from other toys in the toy basket... :)  Speaking of cats, he loves our barn cats and thinks they like them too!
I have told a bunch of friends here about your dogs and so I’m hoping they will adopt one soon and see how great your dogs are too!  
We love Willie!  Thanks so much
Here’s some funny pictures of Willie, about 2 1/2 yrs..   He ended up around 24 pounds.

Side note:

When Piper was a puppy, all of her white was snow white and with age, her tiny speckled spots began pooping through.  :)

Hi Windie

...we are doing great

...he is everything you said and more

...he is doing fantastic

...vet checked him out and said he looks great.
 So far...he is eating, drinking and sleeping well

..not to much wining at night

...makes it through for 8 hours just as you said and is a HAPPY puppy!!!!

You have done a wonderful job of raising your puppies and I thank you so very much

...How was your flight to LAX..is the other puppy in Korea yet? I will be in touch!  
Thank you!!!

Hi Windie- 
Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to share with you how great Brandy is and some pictures.  I see that Oprah and Ranger had puppies and I would be happy to speak with possible families. Brandy is officially a therapy dog. She is registered with Therapy Dog International. Both my daughter and I took the test so we will be off to nursing homes, nurseries, etc. The hardest part of the test was that Brandy had to leave hot dogs placed on the floor. She is very sweet and playful. She is 19 pounds and has long legs. I would highly recommend getting a puppy from you and would be happy to be included on the reference page. My husband who was reluctant at first finally said a week ago that he is happy we got Brandy- that is huge. Also, Brandy is often rated the favorite dog of the neighborhood. We love her and have many more pictures if anyone has any questions- take care - Caren F.

Hi Windie,

I wanted to give you an update since you have been so kind to visit and share all kinds of Cavapoo advice with me: we visited Willowbrook this past Friday. Drove up and chose a little girl from their early March litter. We'd been targeting a boy, but the ones available just didn't seem like fits; one was pretty quiet and tended to shy away from my children (even the oldest ones who are more than gentle), another was already over 13 weeks, and a bit more rambunctious than we'd love. Plus he would have been almost impossible for the children to hold and "baby". Another had the potential (based on prior litters) to end up in the 30 pound range and we wanted a bit smaller.

She had a couple of quieter girls, but one stood out to us. We chose a playful and sweet little curly girl 10 weeks old. She was very interactive, seemed confident but not overly hyper. We have named her Sadie, she saw the vet this morning, and he gave her the thumbs-up, says he is very happy with her check-up.

She has been a darling. Loving, affectionate, playful, very very smart. She has learned in 3 days not to cry much in her crate. She is absolutely submissive to our resident doggie, and clearly adores her. lays on her back and shows her tummy, and turns to show her hind quarters. So far she is not as rough and bothersome to the older dog as alot of young pups I have seen. Sasha (our Coton) is I would say "tolerating" Sadie, and we are just being patient, and trying to lavish affection on our older dog so she is boosted in her confidence that she has not been displaced by this little interloper!

My children have been lovely with her. They are helpful with taking her to her potty spot, and are gentle and sweet with her. Love to play, hold her, and we have just begun introducing her to her little collar, harness and leash...she is so funny how she tries to shake them off, wondering what these contraptions are!

I am including a few pics for you...a couple when we picked her up, and another at home. She is HARD to get a good picture of...I will need to learn how to photograph a black doggie!!

Hope you are well...I would love to stay in touch, and keep up with your adoption journey. Hoping your FIL is well, and adjusting in their new home. Thank you so much for your kindness to me!

Hi Windie!
     Ceili is doing fantastic!!!  She is a fluff ball of energy and love. 
I was so thrilled to finally meet you on Monday!  I can’t tell you how appreciative I am that you raised Ceili in a loving and caring way for the first 10 weeks of her life!! 
    I took this past week off from work to hang out with Ceili. We are both adjusting very well. Mommy is the one that needs lots of training.   
The poor little girl has had a big adjustment to the city and all the noises associated with it. Thankfully I live near lots of green parks!!  She is sleeping throughout the night in her pen.  I have her crate in the pen but haven’t not closed the door on the crate.       I know this week has been a big scary experience for her so I do not want to force the issue just yet.  I have slept on the sofa near her pen and tonight will be the first night I leave her in the room by herself….this should be interesting!  I told my neighbors to prepare themselves. Yikes!   
     I want to make sure I am training Ceili and not Ceili training me!  
The vet loved her and told me that she has always wanted her Mom to get a Cavapoo.  They have a few as patients. So I am giving her your info.  Are any of your other pups in the Boston area?   
     I will send you pictures this week.  Ceili is too funny – I swear she poses for the camera.  My mother loves taking pictures and Ceili loves getting her picture taken.  As soon as my mother sends me some of the pictures I will forward them to you.  
     Again we are doing fantastic!!  I know the first few weeks are a huge adjustment for her but so far so good!!  I just love her and everyone I meet thinks she is the cutest puppy they have ever seen.  She is Miss Personality!! 
Thank you so much! 


I'm attaching an action photo of Maggie (you called her Rose).  She is such a joy.  
I have a bird feeder in the tree outside my office, and she likes to chase both the birds and squirrels that feed there.  
She can jump unbelievably high as you can see.  She only weighs about 9 lbs, and is mostly fluff.  I thought you might enjoy the picture.  

Same doggie -

Before haircut and after haircut.

If your Cavapoo has a long coat, the groomers skills level can give them an adorable cut...or an awful cut.  You normally do not want your Cavapoo given a poodle cut...but a teddy bear cut with a long face...or a puppy cut with a long face.


Our puppies are $2,950.00 plus transportation.
We offer Nanny transportation, where the puppies are in our continual care on board with us in the air or in our own vehicles if driving to meet you!

Exclusive Cavapoo Breeder



​We love Opal so much. She is the best puppy I have ever loved. She is the sweetest, smartest, most loving, cuddliest, and softest dog ever. Everyone that meets her falls in love (you already have our friends and family on your waiting list). She is the best family dog and has been so good with our 1 year old and five year old. We are so so happy to have her. 
At her first vet appointment the veterinarian was very impressed at how healthy and on top of vaccinations she was. The owner of the puppy training program, she was in, asked who our breeder was bc him and his wife fell in love with her. Whatever your doing with these puppies...keep doing it. Could not be happier. 
Here is a pic of Opal in her training class...as well as others. She is now 7 months.
-Crystal S   11-016

Dear ______,

I just heard that you are looking in adding a new member in your family... I was looking for a few month myself 3 years ago, and like most people wanted a pure bread until I came across Cava- Poo's and Windy.... I adopted Piper my cava-poo 3 years ago and their is no word to explain how amazing she is, I had done a lot of research before finding her and Windy was THE best person breeding them.... Piper is my most cherish and fantastic addition to my household, she was extremely easy to train and is the most loving animal I have ever had. If you are looking for an addition to your family, Windy is the BEST person to trust...
I wish you you can get the most amazing moments my baby gives me...

Side note:

observe how the lightening/exposure of the camera makes the coat look brown...the color is actually chestnut red...like the color in the blenhiem cavalier.  The sleeping photo is more true to color.

Hi Windie!
          Hope you have enjoyed your summer!  We wanted to give you an update on our little girl.  Zoey (formerly Annessa from Max and Brandy’s litter) is such a wonderful addition to our family.  She is loving, sweet and playful.  She loves being with us and follows us wherever we go.  Everyone she meets becomes drenched with kisses.  They also say that they have never met such a sweet and happy puppy.  Even the neighborhood kids ask if Zoey can come out to play. 
Zoey also has a new cousin!  My sister has a mini goldendoodle named Gracie.  The two are inseparable!  Believe it or not she is also best friends with our neighbor’s outdoor cat, Lucky.  Lucky joins us on every walk we take with Zoey!  The neighbors think it is hilarious.
            Zoey is currently 6 months and weighs 12 lbs, but she is mostly fluff.  She does shed a very little, but the furminator does help to minimize it.  Zoey also just graduated from puppy school and did very well.  Potty training was a little difficult at first, mainly on our part, with learning her cues.  Thank you for your advice on limiting her roam space in the house.  Overall she was a dream to train and we are looking into training her as a therapy dog.
David and I miss your weekly updates and pictures.  I wanted to thank you again for all your help and advice through the adoption process.  Neither of us had ever owned a dog and we wanted to be the best doggie parents we could be.  We have attached a few photos of Zoey from the day we picked her up at the airport to today and we will send more in the future!

-David and Kate-

Hi Windie, 
Here’s a picture of Roscoe taken the day after his 3rd birthday, and moments after he got back from the groomers…. He always looks like a completely different dog after a haircut.  But his hair will grow back soon enough!
Hope you are well!

Again - Side note:

observe how the lightening/exposure of the camera makes the coat look cream in two photos...the color is actually Apricot, most true in the other four photos.

 But, with age, apricot often shades down to a more cream color.





​Hope you and your family are all well. I was just in your website checking out the latest and I wanted to write you to let you know our latest.
     Sass is doing well, she's over the jet lag and sleeping well at night. No trouble controlling her bladder at night, but she is still having occasional accidents during the day. I think I may have given her too much 'free space' her first week here, so I've limited her space to three areas- her exercise pen, our kitchen and family room.  

My kids absolutely adore her and I must say, she is the cutest dog we've seen so far. So playful, and very fast too. She's been here a little over a week now, and it's amazing how much she's grown, not just in size but in her ability to do things. She now bounds over stairs that she needed help climbing up and down her first day in our house, she's running faster than my 8 year old, and she's recently let us hear her bark. She recognizes my 'I disapprove of that' sound, so it's easier to keep her from doing certain things like biting and chewing on things she shouldn't. I try to leave her in her pen for an hour or two everyday, esp after a play session, and she still doesn't like it, she fusses for about 10 minutes before giving up and napping. Eating is not a problem, she finishes her food quickly and sometimes asks for more. =) 

She is going in for her third round of vaccinations this week. The schedule is a bit different here. I hope it's not too unpleasant for her. Wish us luck. 

Let's talk soon. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather,

and have a great Thanksgiving!!
South Korea