Hi Windie,
      So sorry that I haven't been in touch in such a long time.  I think of you often and hope you and your family are doing well.  What can I say about my boy Cody?  He is an amazing little guy and we just can't get enough of him.  Every night my husband I look at him lying on our bed and can't believe how lucky we are to have him.  He is the most mellow, loving, well-behaved dog in the world.  He puts a smile on my face every day.  Recently, my daughter had a party and her theme was Legally Blonde.  We took pictures of her and Cody for the decorations and I thought you might like to see them.  The one in this e-mail is only of Cody.  I will send another e-mail with the one with my daughter (my e-mail can't send both for some reason).

     Well, have a wonderful holiday and happy new year to you, your family and all the new little doggies!!


We love her!!!  Everyone loves her!!!  My mom keeps calling her Buttercup.  She thinks she is adorable.  She really is.  She is fitting in with our family so well.                          Sherry D.  11-2016

We just had him in Maine for a week, he loved it and never wanted to be indoors.  But he found a spot he liked when he was inside.
What a great dog Windie!

Windie!!! Levi is quite the showstopper! Enjoy the pics😊
Meg  11-2016

Windie and Brent,

     Just wanted you to know what a positive experience we had while adopting our puppies.  We will forever be grateful to have found such a wonderful breeder, from which to adopt our babies!  We researched different breeds, as well as different breeders, and absolutely chose the best breed and breeder!!  All the information you provided to prepare our home for the puppies was invaluable!  Since we picked-up our puppies from your home, we were able to see the kennels and runs and found them to be exceptionally clean and well-maintained.  Healthy puppies come from healthy homes and our puppies received the highest marks from our veterinarian upon our return home.
     Our puppies, Ella and Chotsy, have “put the smile back on our faces”, after the loss of our dog this past April.  The love and joy they bring cannot be measured or expressed with words. It is obvious these puppies came from a loving and nurturing environment…and we could not be more pleased!
     We will, periodically, update you with photos as they mature.  Thank you so much…and please feel free to use us as a reference anytime!!!
Sharron S.
August 4, 2015

Hi Windie,

I hope all is well with you and your family.

I have been meaning to write to you for a long time to let you know that we have relocated (temporarily/military) to Florida. Henry did so well with the move and seems so at home in our new house. He is the perfect dog for us and we could not love him more!!! For the most part is just mellow and hangs out with us all time. We home school now so he has people around all the time. Every once in awhile the comedian comes out in him and he is a total goof ball.

Thanks again for trusting us with him. We are a forever cavapoo family now and can't wait to get a puppy from you again in the future. I think Henry really enjoys being the center of our world right now.

The O. Family

August 2016

Hi Windie, long time between chats.   Milo has grown into a wonderful little man. He is so sweet tempered and playful with just the right amount of mommy-attachment. No momma's boy is he! He loves being outside regardless of the weather and he happily gets to play with his bffs Mocha and Torry all the time. I am thinking of enrolling him in good citizen training and then looking into his becoming a therapy dog. He now weighs just under 20 pounds and his coloring is beautifully brindled. We adore him! Hope all is well with your family and we wish you a joyful and abundant new year.

Windie, Brent, Hunter and River-
Hello from Shelby and Clinton in MO.  We are just writing to let you know how happy we are with our puppy Bella [ formerly Betsy] born April 27 ,2008 from Hollie.  Things are just going wonderful!!  Bella just turned 8 months old and is the sweetest, best dog anyone could ask for.  She is the perfect balance of playful and lap dog which is exactly what my husband and I wanted.  Bella weighs approximately 10 pounds so far, she was the smallest of her litter, and definitely has a no-shed coat.  She is a joy to be around and has absolutely everyone in our family, including us, smitten.  She caught on very quickly to potty training and hasn't had an accident in months.  We have been working with her on tricks and it is already apparent how smart she is, she can sit, stay, lay down, shake, and do a very cute trick we call big beg where she jumps up and dances on her back legs while begging with her paws.  She is a total people person dog and is our little shadow anytime we are at home.
Windie, I have recommended you to a number of people when they ask where Bella came from. I think you do a wonderful job as a breeder and how well Bella is doing is a direct reflection of your love and care over her first 10 weeks.  We thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our family.  We have attached some pictures from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Please feel free to use this in the reference section of your website if you want.  We hope the new year finds you and your family blessed and happy!!
Clint, Shelby, and Bella 

2020 puppy slideshow

Hi -
     Windie mentioned that you are thinking of adopting a puppy from her. We have a very wonderful and sweet cavapoo from Windie. We got her when she was 3-4 months old, and she's now 4.5 years old. We also know a few other people in our town who have dogs from Windie. Windie and her family are very caring and love the puppies from day 1...which means we all get very loved and loving puppies.
     She delivered our dog to us in NY -- and when she left, she had tears in her eyes. Our dog is very smart and she doesn't shed. She is very sweet and loving, and very good with kids (I have 3 kids). She was fully trained within a month of arriving at our house and never has an accident.
     If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
Good luck!

     I was so heartbroken when my dog passed away.  It took me over 10 years to be comfortable with the idea of having another dog.  When we decided we were ready for a pup, we were thankful to have come across Windie and her Cavapoos. Windie genuinely cares about all her pups, their health, their well-being, where it is they'll be going home to.  I loved that about Windie because taking care of a puppy is work, but its good work and they deserve loving homes. 
     Mila was worth the wait and she's been such a blessing.  She's a gentle and happy girl.  She's adventurous, playful, yet so well behaved.  I'm overcome with happiness when I think of her.  She's 12 months old now and we're ready for another.

Thanks Windie!

​Ken & Marisol

Hi- she is doing great! Sleeping nine hours at night! And today she had her first real play date with my friend's labradoodles- they are both about twenty pounds and... Sammy came over!!!!!! It was great and she is so social and wonderful!!!!  Yossi does not call her "Gracie" he refers to her only and always as "the baby" !!!

Hi Windie,
     So sorry that I haven't been in touch in such a long time.  I think of you often and hope you and your family are doing well.  What can I say about my boy Cody?  He is an amazing little guy and we just can't get enough of him.  Every night my husband I look at him lying on our bed and can't believe how lucky we are to have him. 

      He is the most mellow, loving, well-behaved dog in the world.  He puts a smile on my face every day.  Recently, my daughter had a party and her theme was Legally Blonde.  We took pictures of her and Cody for the decorations and I thought you might like to see them.  The one in this e-mail is only of Cody.  I will send another e-mail with the one with my daughter (my e-mail can't send both for some reason).
      Well, have a wonderful holiday and happy new year to you, your family and all the new little doggies!!


     We just adopted a Cavapoo puppy from Calla Lilly Cavapoo's.  We met Windie at the airport (nanny transport) last Tuesday -- which I highly recommend.  The puppies stay with Windie as a carry-on.  The flight to us was delayed 2-1/2 hours, so we were happy the puppy was with her.  Our puppy, Holly, is the sweetest thing! 

     Windie is wonderful!  She is always available by e-mail for all our questions (we are first time puppy owners).  She is very informative with all the needs and suggestions for new puppies.  She is very organized, right down to the vaccination sheets provided with the puppies.  We took Holly to our vet here and he was very happy with her vaccination record.  She is very healthy and clean.  He said you could tell she was well cared for and handled well because she was so good natured.  He said it's important for puppies to be touched and handled so that they are comfortable with people.  It's only been a week, but Holly has settled in with us quite easily.  It was also nice that Windie begins crate training with the puppies because it made the transition so much easier.  Holly knows to go outside - we didn't need to do much to "train" her.  We did hang a bell at her nose level by the door.  We ring it every time we take her out so that she'll learn to ring the bell when she needs to go out.  She is very comfortable in her crate at night.  Windie said she may whine or whimper at first because she'll be missing her siblings, but she didn't.  We placed the crate in my daughter's bedroom where she could see her and she didn't make any fuss whatsoever!  I take her out first thing in the morning and she's great!

    I would certainly recommend Calla Lilly Cavapoo's to you.  Windie is a gem.  You will receive a puppy that has had lots of attention, care and loving during its first weeks of life -- setting the stage for a well adjusted and happy dog who is well on its way to easy training -- which makes everyone happy!

I wish you much happiness with your new puppy. 
-- Cheri

Hello Windie,

I wanted you to know that though we have only had your "Molly" our Casey for now going on 6 days, we all agree that she is much more fun and lovable than we ever expected!  She has wrapped us all around her little paw and we adore her!  There have been many of our friends who have met her and quickly claim that she is the kind of puppy they would all love to have.  Both laid back and playful, good natured, easy to love and smart, she continues to amaze us!  Thank you for all you did to infuse her with love and a gentle nature!

hugs to you

Hi Windie - I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into your little puppies before they leave you.  Our veterinarian was impressed as well.  As you know, we picked up "Sugar" on Friday and she has been such a delight ever since.  She is happy and eager to please...slept through the night on her first night here (of course she had a 10 year old sleeping next to her!) and was passed from person to person over the Easter weekend.  She is so sweet and playful and all of us just love her!  Even our 13 year old Lab is slowly coming around!  Again, thank you...and, rest assured, Sugar is good hands and loved by all!
Hi Windie,

We are just in love with Tweety! He is the sweetest dog we have ever seen! Everywhere we go people ask about him and say they have never seen such a cute dog! One thing I was going to ask you is: he goes #2 about 6 or 7 times a day. Is this normal for these guys? Thank you so much for everything. He acts like he has been a part of the family forever! Also, how is your sister in law. We have all of you in our prayers.Heather
On the Maggie front what a sweet baby girl. We are still working on pottying outside. She has had about one accident per day but she will get it soon I am sure as now she knows that the spot we take her to in the yard means potty time. She went to the quilt store with me today while Shelby was at the movie. She was so tired she feel asleep on the cutting table with her head on a bolt of fabric. She moved her head a tiny bit and this women remarked that she thought she was a toy not our sweet big girl. Shots are scheduled for this coming Saturday. She and Meshach are getting along great. They are so funny when they play together. So that's about it. Thanks for checking on us. Hope all is well with your sister in law. Blessings!

      Windie asked me to provide a reference to you, and I am more than happy to do so.  Our Sophie is the most wonderful dog.  She is now 6 years old and has been an absolute delight since the day we brought her home as a puppy.  She is bright and affectionate and has the most perfect personality.  She is great around adults and our five grandchildren, who range in ages from two to eight.  We were impressed with this family when we visited their home and saw the facilities.  Each puppy is given special personal attention and has time with family members before adoption.  I had never seriously trained a dog before we got Sophie and I planned only to do some very basic obedience training with her.  

      She was so bright and learned so quickly, however, that we not only ended up continuing our training we began competing in American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC) obedience and agility trials, and I became an obedience and agility instructor at the Tulsa Dog Training Club.  Sophie now has twelve obedience and agility titles, and helps with demonstrations in the classes that I teach.  She has won more ribbons that we can count.  

       Most importantly, however, she loves our family and we love her more that we can express.  We have had poodles in the past.  The Cavapoo is, as far as I am concerned, the perfect breed, bringing the best of both breeds together in one dog.  I cannot say enough good things about Windie and the love and care that goes into each litter.  If you have specific questions, we would be more than happy to visit with you.  I have attached a couple of photos of our Sophie!  She is the perfect dog!


Thought I would send you a few pics.
We are absolutely loving our precious new family member.  She pretty much goes everywhere with me.

Good Morning Windie,
     I hope all is well with you, your family and all of your adorable cavapoos!  Yesterday was Sadie’s birthday and we had a celebration.  My daughter made special doggy cupcakes for the two dogs (My other dog’s birthday is in 2 weeks).  We absolutely LOVE Sadie!!!!  She is truly such a special part of our family!  It is amazing how much JOY she brings to us all………..ESPECIALLY JOEY!  It is quite amazing how Joey and Sadie have bonded!  Joey is Sadie’s favorite family member (outside of my other dog, Febe…LOL) 
     I just wanted to reach out and say “Thank You” for being such a blessing to our family!  I think of you often and continue to pray for the adoption of your sweet son to fall into place….. if it hasn’t already.
     Isn’t the picture of the two dogs adorable?!  You might notice a small bald spot on Sadie underneath her chin.  That is from her fence collar.  Unbeknown to us, we were keeping her collar on her too many hours during the day.  We now take it off more often, so she is starting to grow her beautiful red hair back in that spot. 
Many Blessings,
Joanne Crocker



All Cavapoo's are $2,950.00

plus transportation when needed

Photos of Mila from puppy to adult.


She has stolen our hearts! We are also learning lots of patience, with lots of laughs.  The KISS Puppy book is really good.  She slept in her crate on nite 2, only whimpering 3 times! Nites 3 and 4 , only 1 time!  If only I had bought and read the book before nite 1 – she slept with me on the couch that nite!!!  Mary Gayle
Two friends: one with Riley (about a year and a half old) and their friends who "just had to have one for their family," Kadin.  How fun!!!!!
Here are two pictures I took the other day.  Let me know if you cannot open them. 
 Enjoy!  Dan

I just thought I would let you know that we are all in love with Rocky! He is so smart and so lovable. He is adjusting well to his new surroundings. We went to the vet this morning and everything looked good. The vet commented about how smart he was. I just thought I would let you know how much fun we are having with him. Thanks for all of your help. I'm sure I may have questions down the road. Thanks for everything!
Rocky is a dream come true!
Sept 2016

Happy New Year Windie! 
        Been meaning to write you sooner to send you these photos of Roscoe taken last December.  I apologize for the large file size and hope you’re able to download them okay.  Roscoe is doing great – he’s mellowed out some since turning 1.5 yrs old, but that may because most of his energy is consumed on his 2-3 hour daily walks, so when I come home from work, he’s like “ah yeah, hi!”.        But he’s always there to greet me at the door upon my return.  And he’s still as sweet and loving as he was when we first got him - we just adore and love him so much!  He loves to cuddle on our lap and still follows us (me mostly) everywhere.   Sean gets a kick out of it when he can sense Roscoe doesn’t want to be let down after being held.  He also is well trained but Sean complains he listens more to me that he does to him Ha-ha.  He can even pee on command with “Roscoe, go potty” which comes in handy.  
    I saw you changed the format of your website – looks great!  We still get people routinely asking us where we got Roscoe and usually point them to your website for more information.  Just last weekend, I met an owner of a black and white cavachon who is a little smaller than Roscoe but had similar face.  The lady was thinking of getting a second dog and really loved Roscoe’s look. She was also impressed with how well behaved and trained he was while we were at the park playing fetch – one of his favorite games!  Oh yeah, last we weighed him – he’s now at 20 lbs and we think this is where he’ll remain into adulthood.
    Looks like you’re keeping busy, your Feb. liter is gorgeous – so many reds!  And speaking of red, Roscoe has developed ruby cheeks/sideburns around his muzzle, it seemed to have happened overnight.  So cute!
    Here’s wishing you and your family a blessed New Year with better weather conditions than last year! Angie


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Kadin (family friends who also adopted one of our puppies) with Riley about over a year ago....


Just wanted to let you know this dog is precious!  I've enjoyed her every single day!  She is the sweetest and happiest dog ever!  
Liz L

Hi Windie and Brent,
I hope that you guys are doing well.  We wanted to send you some pictures of Frank as he turns 1 this week!  We had all his friends over this past weekend to celebrate.  Time has flown by and he has been an exceptional puppy in great health.  We can't take him out of the house without being asked where we got him so hopefully we have sent some good references your way!  
All the best,
Ben and Allison


Exclusive Cavapoo Breeder



Dear Windie,       

    I hope all is well.  Your website looks great.  Love those videos!!!  Today was Cody'a first birthday.  I can't believe he already a year old and has been with us for 9 months.  He is the best, well behaved dog. 

    He had a busy day.  We had a little party with some of his friends, so he is pooped now!!  I am attaching a picture of Cody and his friends.  The dogs are sitting on the laps of their owners (actually the kids).  I thought you would enjoy seeing it.  He is such a happy guy and so are we!!!
Thank you again and again for Cody,