Exclusive Cavapoo Breeder!

Calla Lily Cavapoo


We are a small hobby breeder, so we do not "always have available puppies."
Our puppies are $2,950.00 plus transportation when needed.
 We maintain a waiting group...
please call to discuss the potential for one of our puppies to become a part of your family!
Our doggies adulthood weights are similar to their parents, a mini poodle and a Cavalier, est normally anywhere from 12-24#'s.



All puppies:  $2,950.00

Plus transportation when needed

When we began the Hybrid cross to Cavapoo, we had all Cavaliers and added the male poodle.  Then found our first female poodles...and bred back to male Cavalier.
We found, as stated above, absolutely no difference in the outcome of our Cavapoo's.  Consistently!  
BUT, we choose great Poodles and great Cavaliers, and we are completely "hands-on" and in love with our dogs...so they are social, loving and holistically healthy.
Our Cavalier's are just as much a lap dog as our poodles and visa versa.

Genetic Offspring Picture Explained:
Wife Sandy marries Husband Andy.
Sandy's full blood brother, Berry marries Andy's full blood sister, Sherry.
Sandy and Andy have six children, three boys, and three girls.
Sherry and Berry also have the same.
When the children are grade school to teenagers in age they decide to have a family reunion, and family comes from all over the place to "reunite."  Most of which have never met the 12 children.
All twelve of the children are in the game room playing games with one another and the relatives are sent in to try to guess which child belongs to which couple.
They are a 50-50 genetic pool...and it is a 50-50 genetic guess....behavior, appearance, traits, etc....
I hope that helps with this misconception that some breeders are sending out regarding who should be mommy or daddy, cavalier vs. poodle.

Blessings and enjoy our site!!!
See our four pages of references for further confirmation!!!


​Just for fun & long ago adopted: 
Here is how a doggie grows....and oh how quickly it happens!!

Watch a puppy from birthday to adulthood!  Note the surprise spots that grew in with age!​​  


Exclusive Cavapoo Breeder!

Calla Lily Cavapoo



We are so glad you have found us!
We do not have any available puppies to share online,

but have a depositor group who have first choice of all our puppies.

that we maintain a depositor waiting group for our precious Cavapoo Puppies.

All photos are left here for your enjoyment and to visually be able to see our puppies.

Our puppies are $2,950.00 plus transportation.
We offer Nanny transportation, where the puppies are in our continual care on board with us in the air or in our own vehicles if driving to meet you!

We are exclusive to Cavapoos!  We initiate some beginning training while with us.  Doggie door, piddle spot, and crate training are all initiated before they leave us.

 Breeding  Cavapoo's since 2006, (Cavaliers initially in 2005.) 
They are very intelligent, playful, yet laid back and they make you laugh out loud! 
Puppy Fee:  $2,950.00 plus transportation
We love them!! 
Our doggies adulthood weights are similar to their parents, a mini poodle and a Cavalier,
est normally anywhere from 12-24#'s.

We are an exclusive, small, non-commercial breeder.  
Thus, being small, we do not have an "ongoing supply" of puppies.  We also have a waiting list & it would be approx. a 12+ month wait from the point you would come into our group. 

Cavapoo’s are all a low to no shed coat
and it does not matter which breed the mother is (Poodle vs Cavalier)...
also, the curl/wave does not relate to the low vs non-shedding as well,
it is a different genetic trait.

So that you can see the personalities of our Cavapoos,
we have left our videos in place so that people who are far away can see the ongoing trend of happy, well-socialized, clean, soft, fluffy, adorable, little puppies that we raise.

The video website is:  www.youtube.com/99diamondsparkling

If you decide that a Cavapoo is a doggie for you
 and that a wait is okay for you and your family too,
please feel free to give us a call,

and we can talk about you and one of our Cavapoo's coming into your home.  
If it goes to our voicemail,

We will do our very best to return your call within 24 hours!

Give us a call: 918-533-3887
See our low stress, elite, puppy-transportation options on our Going Home page.



Exclusive Cavapoo Breeder