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Vaccinations, Health, Worming &

Health Guarantee information below
  Professionally a Registered Nurse, by trade, since 1994.  
Now being a full-time home Mommy and puppy lover fully indulged! 
What a wonderful life!  
             My scope of practice as an RN has ranged from ICU to Med/Surg to Oncology.  
Oncology being my specialty area since 1997.

   We have brought that education to our doggie world,
 and our goal is to provide you with a holistically healthy doggie from Day 1!!!
             Our doggies and puppies are healthy and happy. 
We do everything in our power to send you the best puppy.
All our pets are on Fastrack Probiotic Supplements ~
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Let's talk food:

Our Recommendations -
NutriSource, Purina One Pro Plan, & Royal Canine Foods

are the "choice" foods for all of our doggies!  
We have researched (and continue to watch and do so) 

and believe that this is the VERY best nutritional foods for our four-legged buddies.

There is a lot of politically correct and TV pushed ad's out there promoting dog food without "meal" or "whole chicken" or "full of vegetables" nature,

dogs eat the full raw carcass of their hunt...

including the bone and bone marrow. 

They do not eat vegetables. 

So, with that "out there"....the bottom line is that we provide the healthiest,

most nutrient-digestible puppy and dog food that we can. 

We have personally used these two brands since around 2005.  

They are great. 

Our doggies are healthy with shiny coats.

For your further research:

Some Good Insight and Information we like to share:                                                   

  • All of our puppies are seen by our veterinarian two-three times before they ever leave us for well-puppy check-ups. 
  • All will also come with a veterinarian health certificate.
  • All come with a fully documented vaccination record. 
  • We use Paw Prints genetics for our adult dogs
  • We worm our doggies regularly and fully.
  • We give two 5-way vaccinations, one at the age of 6 weeks and again at 8 weeks.  
  • We give their first Bordetella vaccination at 7 weeks.
  • They will only need one 5-way vaccination booster, Bordetella booster, and their Rabies vaccination when they go to their new homes.  
  • We do preventative Albon, Metro and Panacur regimen to help defer any stress-onset Giardia or Coccidia and thus very rarely see those issues. If the issue does occur, one follow-up round should be all that would be needed. (very rare to see this, but it can happen)
  • We give all puppies their initial heartworm prevention of Interceptor or IverHeart Max, or the like.
  • We use Revolution or Frontline Plus (depending on the time of year) and do not have issues with ticks, fleas or ear mites.
  • Please note that Cavapoo's can be sensitive!!!to some worming & spot-on treatments, and have had the side effects listed on the fancy "new product" box inserts.  We have not seen any issues with the above treatments and highly recommend they be the choice routine meds for your Cavapoo.
  • We vaccinate and worm all our adult dogs; and we also use the Revolution or Frontline Plus so our entire doggie house is parasite, mite, and protozoan free!!!
  • We normally bathe our puppies weekly from week 6 forward.
  • We are touching, loving, nurturing, and embedding human affection with each and every puppy from the first moments of life!!!
  • Potty training is initiated with us.
  • Crate training is initiated with a crate that has the door removed for the puppy and mommy to come and go at their leisure.
  • We do not, will not and HATE the use of stack cages.  Many "so-called crate trained puppies" come from "stack cages or cages", ours are NOT! 
  • They are simply, truly and lovingly providing unforced in crate training, it feels like the instinctual "den" and not a forced entrapment.   They go in and out at their desire. 
  • Plastic crates are also more den-like, the black wire crates will need a crate cover to achieve the den-like feel. No prolonged crate time for the Cavapoo.
  • Around 9 weeks most puppies can sleep all night in their crate without going pooh-poo or pee-pee.   We have a great program.
  • Cavapoo's do their very best being with their people.
  • Cavapoo's are a "needy" doggie.
  • Closed door crate at night only during potty training, this gives a jump-start to potty training in your new environment. Intermittent closed door in the day time hours, and preferably in the room with their people.
  • With Cavapoo's they are too gentle-hearted to crate during the breaks their heart and can cause puppy depression, which will present itself in several different ways. 
  • Our pamphlets give wonderful recommendations for day containment when not in your immediate presence.
  • Our dogs and puppies are loved and it shows!!! 
  • See our reference pages!
  • We use the Fastrack Canine Supplement Program for our doggies, to View further information:

Give us a call when you are ready to order any supplements.

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Love her!


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Let's Talk Health Guarantee:  
Once a puppy is chosen, a detailed copy goes to the new family to sign and return. 

It includes your contact information, our information, and the puppy's information.
We offer a one-year health guarantee against congenital life-threatening defects.  
One-year health guarantee:               
Above puppy will be/has been checked two to three times by our veterinarian for soundness and health, before the said puppy is released to the purchaser.  Purchaser shall, within seven (7) days of the transfer of ownership, of the above-described puppy, have said puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian to validate this guarantee.  If the veterinarian finds anything life-threatening genetically wrong with the puppy, it will be exchanged for another puppy, of equal value, of the purchaser’s choice; at once or when another dog becomes available.  Purchaser must provide a letter from the examining veterinarian, attesting to the life-threatening genetic problem with the dog, and its resulting unfitness for sale.  The dog must be returned to us at above new owner’s expense, in that initial seven-day guarantee period.  After seven (7) days, a cash refund will not be made, exchange only.  We reserve the right to refuse exchange or refund if another veterinarian of our choice does not confirm the diagnosis.  Your puppy is guaranteed against genetically caused, premature death for a period of one year, from date of birth.  In the event of such, a puppy of equal value will be provided once available.  In order to protect us, a veterinary autopsy report (at above new owner’s expense) must be provided to us.  Any veterinarian bills, charges or the like, for any reason, at any time, are the sole responsibility of the new owner. We do everything within our power to provide new owners with a holistically healthy puppy.  We will not cover any fees, charges or the like for any puppy and/or dog illnesses as described, but not limited to, those discussed in the puppy recommendations pamphlet, which also requires your signature.  We do not and cannot guarantee adult size, color, shed or non-shed, flat or fluffy coat, oral-bite, or the like.  Additionally, the buyer agrees to hold Calla Lily Cavapoo, Windie & Brent Sturges, harmless for such as stated above. Should you decide to sell your puppy, please allow us the first option to purchase the puppy back.  All training is the sole new owner’s responsibility.  New Owner responsibilities:  To love and care for their new puppy family member; all training of the puppy is the full & entire responsibility of the new owner and the puppy should be trained to be a positive & obedient member of the household and neighborhood; regular vaccinations, monthly worming, veterinary check-ups and grooming; appropriate supervision inside and outside of home; puppy and/or dog training classes are fully recommended and required for first time dog owners (graduation proof may be mailed or emailed at completion); potty training; neuter or spay before 5 of months of age; no excessive alone time or excessive crating; Quality food and water daily; supervision when with small children; children are taught how to handle and love a puppy/dog, and puppy taught how to behave with the children; potty training is the sole responsibly of the above adult new owners; all puppy training is the responsibility of the adult family members; size & color is only an estimation and no guarantees given or implied; FASTRACK® microbial supplements for no less than the first year of puppies life; and instructions from: “Puppy Recommendations” sheet.  

New owner to make sure that the puppy gets the appropriate amount of exercise and rest. Don't let him/her play too long without rest periods, for the first three weeks. Let them play for a while and then have them take a nap, eat and drink.  We love to receive pictures of “puppy with their new family”, and would love to post those pictures in our photo gallery at:
The above contract has been read, understood and agreed upon:
Signed: __________________________________________________
Print name: ____________________________________Date:_________________  

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PuppY fee: $2,950.00 plus transportion