Our puppies are $2,950.00 plus transportation.

We offer Nanny transportation, where the puppies are in our continual care on board with us in the air or in our own vehicles if driving to meet you!


Exclusive Cavapoo Breeder


 ***Deposits, Payment and  Puppy Transport Options***

We begin the holistically health process
from the first moments of life. 
Our goal is to provide you with a healthy and happy puppy, from our home to yours!!

Your responsibility is to train, care for and love this new puppy in a safe and secure environment!!

Cavapoo's are loving and quick to catch on with training, and with your routine and lifestyle.
It is important that you have (or make) the time to be consistent with your puppy training,

or you may find that you are both frustrated. 

Preparation is such a key factor in having a happy training period.

Our puppies are$2,950.00

No matter what sex or color, it is the same flat fee.

Transportation is additional -  see our transport options below.
(we had not raised our prices and have kept them since 2004...despite the doubling of costs of everything! it finally became a burden and we had to do a slight increase to cover food, vaccinations, utilities, veterinarian visits, well doggie check-ups, grooming, teeth cleaning, doggie house upkeep, etc, etc)


Payment Types that We accept:

Cashier's Check
Business or Personal Check - 21 days in advance of receiving the puppy
Money order/Cashiers Check
Cash - Invoice/receipt will be given
PayPal (additional 4% charge) 
Credit cards may only be used through PayPal & Venmo with the 4% add-on charge


Our puppies normally will go to their new homes when they are about 9 weeks old.

We have a 25+page Recommendations Pamphlet

that our Depositors are required

to read and sign

before officially allowed to adopt a puppy from us/become a part of our depositor group.

Before you may place a deposit and complete our Recommendations Pamphlet,

you will need to call us.

We will talk about your hopes and needs for doggie in your life and home. 

We will talk about what we desire for our doggies life to include.


We have a good process. :)
Once we have determined together as a team, 

that you will be adopting from us and be placing a deposit,  

you will be given instructions on the next steps.
Of them, our Recommendations Pamphlet is to be read and then signed.

This is mailed along with your Pre-Puppy Deposit:
$350.00 - US dollars


Pre-Puppy Deposit Guidelines:
The $350 pre-puppy deposit is refundable minus 50%  

before you have had the opportunity to choose a puppy.  

We call that "pre-puppy choice"

-before you have had the opportunity to choose a puppy.  

This fee covers our for Recommendations Pamphlet, processing, paperwork/time fees and became policy as of January 01, 2016.

After you have had the opportunity to choose a puppy (whether you chose or passed to wait on a future litter), the pre-puppy deposit becomes non-refundable.

If you have been given the opportunity to choose and chose to wait for a future litter,

again, your deposit is non-refundable-but you remain in line/in-place in our depositor group lineup to be able to choose again at next opportunity.)


Once a depositor has had the opportunity to choose a puppy and passes, then the following occurs: 
their place in line remains the same,
but their pre-puppy deposit is no longer refundable for any reason.  
This became policy as of  February 01, 2015.

Transporting Talk!!!!
Transporting from our arms to yours

We have many Options for shipping your puppy when pick-up isn't possible:

  • Puppy Nanny Transport

  • Pick-up at our home (pre-arranged and scheduled)

  • Meet via ground travel

  • RARELY Solo pet cargo, only used for puppies who we have exhausted all of our other options, and solo cargo is all we can do, these are the fees:

Description of Each Transport Option:

Puppy Nanny Transports: 

     We personally fly to you with your newly adopted pet on board with us, so they will never be alone during stressful flying times; we can all be certain that they are walked, held, watered, fed, and tended to as we would want them to be.   This is our primary and preferred option when a puppy travels a long distance.

     Fees Vary (see example above,) and obviously lower when divided by two adopting families having puppies transported to the same location.  

When one puppy nanny's alone with us the cost is an undivided/full charge for the single family.  
     Nanny Puppy Transport Fees include: human round-trip flight, puppy flight ticket one way, parking, fuel to the airport, meals, overnight room (when applicable) and flight health certification included, so again, the actual amount will vary.  

     Puppy Nanny Transports fees vary and are our best option when pick-up or meeting is impossible, and as always, we work together with each family to accomplish this whenever possible. :) 
When we have two puppies going to a similar location, we can split the cost right down the middle between two families:
Here is an example of a Puppy Nanny Transport breakdown of fees:
$ 500.00 round-trip fare - NON-refundable fare which is the lowest found with timing needed
$ 125.00 puppy in cabin ticket - which is puppy flying on board the plane with me at all times
$  100.00 fuel and tolls, 3-hour round-trip to airport
$   24.00 airport parking fee
$  125.00 hotel with complimentary airport shuttle & taxes/fees
$   70.00  six travel meals
$   30.00 puppy certification for flight

Extremely RARE ...almost NEVER Solo Pet Priority Cargo:

***When we must, we only use American and United = est. $550.00.  This fee covers, not only the airline ticket but also the crate, health certification for flight and our three-hour round-trip drive with airport parking.  We are required to use United when we have extremes in heat or cold, as they place flight embargoes that prevent pets in cargo during those times.
***On any Solo flight days that you would not be able to coordinate with our stated travels for transportation... for a single unshared drive/trip, an additional $75.00 fee will be added. 
 ***Once out of our hands, the Airline assumes responsibility for the pet until the family picks them up at the airport.

***New Adoptive Owners will pick up the puppy at pet cargo terminal upon arrival.  They will need to contact the airport their puppy is flying into to find the exact location to pick up their new puppy.   Puppies normally do well in Pet Priority Cargo, but it is not our preferred route.  There have been some issues over the years that led us to highly prefer Nanny Puppy Transports

Pick-Up at our Home:

Prearranged/booked... and all flight transports are booked first priority and then the pick-up and meeting options are booked flights need confirmed and then we work around them.
Meet you as you fly to us:
$100.00 - meeting you at Tulsa International Airport, and then you fly home with your puppy.   Generally, you will fly in on one day and fly out the next morning.  There are two hotels directly by the airport you could choose from.

We will assist you with information on what you will need to make in the way of arrangements with the airlines.  Most straight city to city (non-stop) flights do not allow pets on board, and Tulsa International Airport has a limited number of daily flights going into and back out of the airport.  So arrangements need to be made in advance to eliminate undesired issues with the airport. 

Meeting you halfway:

The charge is $100.00 for every three hours of travel time, the hours are counted for our full round trip to meet you and back home. 

Example:  We were to meet you in Tulsa, it is 1 1/2 for us to get to Tulsa and another 1 1/2 to get home, and thus it is a three hour round trip and a $100.00 charge.  

We will charge per travel time as stated by rounded to the nearest quarter hour, that is the fairest way we know to calculate it.    

If it is more than six hours one way, an additional $100.00 fee is added to cover a hotel stay, 

This reasonable and covers: time, fuel, tolls, parking, meals, puppy care, vehicle wear, etc.

Outside the continental US: 

Above cost options plus: pet must be accompanied by an adoptive person, the person designated by the adoptive person or us to cross the borders. 

Much planning is done to accomplish a smooth transition for the puppy.  We have often flown to Seattle or LA and met the family who then drives or fly back to their home across the borders with the puppy.

If the country requires a pet quarantine, our pets will not be allowed to be adopted.  So sorry, but they are too sensitive of a breed to endure that.

Some of our puppies live in Canada, Puerto Rico, & South Korea.

Misc. tidbits:
We will do our best to work with your schedule and appreciate everyone working with us when multiple parties are involved. 

Contact us for further information and we will work hard to get your puppy to you as smoothly and stress-free as possible - no matter where you live.

Frequent flier miles can often be used for yourself or us to fly in either direction to off-set cost.

We can travel to you all the way, estimates and fees vary, will be calculated upon request.

Feel free to contact us:

Brent and Windie


Our puppies are $2,950.00, plus transportation