Exclusive Cavapoo Breeder






Dam:  Crissie Ann ("Calla Lily's Crissie Ann")

What a beautiful little lady. She is the sweetest, most adorable silky ball of joy.  

Our puppies are $2,550.00 plus transportation.

We offer Nanny transportation, where the puppies are in our continual care on board with us in the air or in our own vehicles if driving to meet you!

~~~~~OUR DADDY DOGS~~~~~

We provide registered Cavapoo's ranging in size from 12 to 24  pounds,
with our average being 15-20#'s.  

(the same size as a Cavalier and Mini Poodle)

We breed Cavaliers to Poodles which is called:  F1, first generation, hybrid or 50/50 cross.

The size estimate is based on the mommy/daddy combinations.
"Tiny Toys will not be found with us, you are welcome to call and we can discuss the reason
for this healthy choice."

All of our doggies and puppies are registered,

and thus we provide all of our puppies with their registry and Pedigree for their new families.

These are all of our breeding doggie's above!  

They all belong to us and are on site at our home.

When we have a doggie retire, it is to a home, not to another breeder. 

Our adult doggies that retire fit right into a family setting,

because that is what they have here, a home.  

We want you to see everyone and where they live.  

This is a view below of our very spacious kennel for a small number of doggies.    

Many of our ladies, through the years, have rotated turns through our home.   

Our building contractor thought we were crazy, I'm sure. 

 He definitely knew how much we cared for our canine babies though;  

And he was pretty attached to them by the time he completed the 3 month long project.

Our Doggie House! 



Photos sent from their forever homes and posted with permission!!

We wanted you to see the variations of haircuts, colors, coats and all-over sweetness!!!

Sire:  Debon (Calla Lily's Sir Debonaire)

What a precious and sweet young man!
Debon is our loving cuddle bug, beautiful Blenheim Cavalier! 

Mommy & Daddy Doggies

Dam: Misty​

​Loving, Chestnut/Ruby rich red coat, sweet and gentle lady like personality! 

Sire: Calla Lily's "Mr. Frosting!"' 

White and Red  Parti Miniature Poodle.  What a funny, smart and adorable parti poodle!  He is athletic, loving and a charmer.

Dam:  Beatrice - Blenheim Cavalier

So sweet and loving.  Eager to please, smart and adorable.

Sire:  Calla Lily's Mr Red, aka - "Sunny!​"'

​Handsome, sweet, athletic, smart and a delight!!!

---Siblings at about 3-4 months of age

note the fuzzy-fluff coat and the wavy coat.  50/50 cross (F1) can have several different coats.  It is very difficult to know who will have what coat until they are older.

Each of the ten exterior runs is individually 90 sq ft.  

Each of the ten interior runs (which connect to the exterior via doggie door) are 20 sq ft.
Additionally, living on 10 acres surrounded by additional acreage, 
gives everyone a lot of space!

Our Puppies are $2,550.00

 plus transportation when needed.

~~~~We show you every one of our breeding doggies we own (above), 
(many breeders only show their dogs who they have a puppy available with...
if they even  show them at all)
we want you to be fully informed about who we are and know our doggies!!!
We skip cycles when deemed needed, and do not always have puppies available.
We adopt-out our retiring adult doggies to wonderful homes.

Memory Lane : 

The following beloved, Wonderful Mommies and Daddies have
gone onto awesome & loving forever homes over the 10+ years of our breeding.  
We do not breed our doggies into their elderly years.
Ashley   Icing   Annie   Winnie   Oprah   Crystal   
Morgan   Sparky   Princess   Mia     Sophie   Brandy  Madison  Whitie
Happy    Katie   Sparky    Hollie   Mandy   Lady   Willie   Sugar 
Gracie     Reggie    Millie     Allie     Willow     Ivy

e-mail us :

We Look forward to hearing from you soon!  
Our puppies look forward to meeting you and your family.

Dam:  Stella-Bow-Bella

Rich Ruby Cavalier with a pretty white patch on chest and face, so eager to please and be at our side.  A love.

We do not have "hyper active" poodles.
They are relaxed, fun loving, smart and adoring!
That is very import for the Cavapoo to be the personality we personally aim for.  Genetic traits to cherish!  Nurtured and esteemed by their human family!​

~~ Mommies and Daddies ~~

Dam:  Sierra   She ​will follow us everywhere, so loving, sweet and a precious mommy.  Ruby Cavalier

Dam:  Precious
​Loving, Blenheim Cavalier, so very sweet and gentle lady like personality!

Dam: Calla Lily's "Bella" Red Rosie Day

Larger Miniature Poodle (20-#'s)  Smart, loving, social, laid back, yet athletic & playful!  

Dam: Holly Polly
Blenheim Cavalier -  fun, laid-back, loving and so sweet.  She loves chasing butterflies, and makes us laugh!