Our lives have survived severe injury's and loss through our years together...

...blessings always over shadow the hard times.

We live Blessed!

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Sept 2011-

a month after Brooklyn arrived home with us from Haiti.

~About Us ~

Windie and Brooklyn 2011


Oklahoma Weather!!!!

weather's coming!!....

Oklahoma does have snow and ....

...Ice storms


...and of course, tornadoes.
Rescued doggie "Tickles" says...."please don't go!" 

Brent had to move her, over and over.  So funny!

She passed away in 2011...we think she was 13.

We are a family of six, living in Northeastern Oklahoma.

We live on ten gorgeous acres. 

We "Puppy Nanny Transport "  95+%  

of our puppies to their new homes.  

You can read more about that on

our Going Home & Misc. page.

The Sturges' Family in our home 2010                         

Some history:
We made a decision to return to our "roots" in Oklahoma in 2005 after an accident changed our world and followed by aging parents and grandparents needing us closer.
We sold our 155-acre cattle ranch in Kansas and moved back to Oklahoma.
We had two beautiful children at that time... in 2011 we grew to three children and in 2016 we grew to four children.

We are happy that you found us, and if you think that we are your kind of breeder, please give us a call!


Give us a call: 918-533-3887



August 2016 picking up our son "Lake" in Haiti:  Windie, Hunter and Lake in Haiti,  Face-timing with Brent and Brooklyn at home.  River was at work. :(


Puppy Love!!!


sooooo sweet!!!!!

Brent has been a contracting networker and rancher since the 90's, and has enjoyed it very much.
Windie, a Registered Nurse by trade since 1994,
now due to a life-changing injury, am being a full-time home mommy; 
Nurturing our family, moving as a team, loving family, home and a precious little bunch of doggies & puppies.

Our children are wonderful and doing outstandingly well in all they set their minds to do. 
We are so proud of them.

About our doggies:

We are a small family with a small doggie-house!
We will always be a small doggie-house!
I hate to use the word kennel...doggie home is a better description of our set-up.
We post pictures on our website of our doggie home and have made it just that, a home-like setting!
Our adult doggies are veterinarian checked yearly for health, which can be verified!
Our puppies are veterinarian checked 2-3 times before they ever leave our home! Documented!
Our puppies are bathed regularly from around 6 weeks of age!
Our adults are groomed and bathed regularly!
Our adults are wormed and vaccinated per our veterinarian's recommendation, and documented!
Our puppies vaccinations (with actual vial labels on their individual and fully documented vacc. reg. sheet)

and wormer's are complete at the time they come to you!

Vaccines & Wormings:  You will only need their final 12 week shots and a continuation of Tri-heartPlus or Similar wormer (heart and intestinal wormer), as well as, Revolution or  Frontline Plus (or one recommended by your veterinarian-though beware that Cavapoo's are sensitive to some of the new spot treatments and wormers...lots of neuro side effects and some hair loss issues...always do your full research) spot on treatment.
We do NOT sell to brokers or pet stores!-Ever. 
We want to know our families who have our doggies become a part of their lives.

We find wonderful homes for wonderfully holistically healthy puppies!!!!

These wonderful new families receive weekly pictures of their puppies and ongoing updates!
We have a personally prepared teaching/recommendations pamphlet that all our puppy owners receive to begin their preparation for their new puppy!

We are in love with our doggies
and our puppies have a huge investment of our time, energy and love!
We are a family of five, and the sixth is on the way, who is "crazy" about our puppy babies!

  What sets us apart:

We do NOT breed any other breeds.
We specialize only with Cavapoo's...and we love and care for our precious pets!!! 

We only bred F1, which is 50/50 cross: aka Cavalier to Poodle (irrelevant who is which parent)

We show all of the adult doggies that we own on our mommy and daddy page. 

We also show photos of our "doggie house" on this site.

This can be verified by doggie families that have had the opportunity to visit.

We update pictures of our puppies & send to our families weekly.

We have families/individuals to our home and doggie house on a regular basis,
and never meet "off-site" as some breeders will only do. 

We do not "sell" to brokers or pet stores.

We only "private place" our precious puppies, to loving and dedicated families.

Our adult doggies and puppies are handled and touched, played with, loved and cared for, fully vaccinated and wormed,  including spot-on treatments and heartworm prevention initiation. (documented!)

We do not force wean at 6 weeks.

We keep our puppies to right around 9 weeks of age.

We initiate potty training,  with "doggies training doggies." 

The puppies are going in and out with mommy regularly by six weeks of age for play and piddle.

We have a pamphlet for training and require your signature of new owner commitment to their doggie for its lifetime.

We have all of our adult doggies veterinarian health certified yearly for health. (documented!)

We have all of our puppies to the veterinarian 2-3 times before they ever leave to go to their new homes. (documented!)

We initiate crate training with a real crate...on the ground, door removed.  No wire crates!

We do not like, nor approve of "cages" for doggies. :-(

(we do not use "stack cages" as some do,  and then they call the puppies "crate trained") :-(

When a breeder says their doggies are in their home...
count the number of dogs and breeds "owned"...
and visualize if that would work in your home...are they actually living in their homes?  How clean are they?  Up-to-date and weekly pictures are always fair to ask for in my opinion!  We prove them to our families!-it's a standard of our practice.
~~How are they keeping their home and doggies areas clean, especially with breeding.  Musky marking in a home....not a fragrance easily removed from any material normally in one's home environment.

Our very large and clean doggie quarters, for our small number of doggies, are posted here on our website.
Our doggie house was designed with a home-like atmosphere in mind,
but the ability to keep them and their area clean.

We have seen --- show quality and show doggies, lined up along the walls in "homes"
and those doggies living like "stack cages" on the ground.  That IS NOT us. 
We have done rescue from "actual home breeders."
Please be careful, and you should always be allowed to see the living, breeding, birthing and growing areas for any breeder's doggies.

That is our dedication, our opinion, our standard,  and "who we are!"
~others may try to copy our website,
but one cannot copy our hands-on dedication and heart~
Everyone breeds doggies for a different reason,
hoping you will take the time to learn your breeder's heart and drive.
see our reference pages, with references from virtually every litter that we have had!

Our Family Photo Gallery!!!

All together!!!!

Just arrived in Tulsa!!

Finally All together!!! 8-20-2016

Brooklyn 2015

River and Hunter, Mexico City Mission Trip 2015

Brent and Lake, April 2015 on the day we left Haiti on our bond/meet two trip..such a precious little guy!
Our Forth Child, we could not yet show his face...We spent the required 14 days with him in Haiti,
and by law could not see him or speak to him again until the day we are granted permission to go and pick him up.  
We began our adoption process summers-end of 2013.  
Paperwork arrived in Haiti Jan 2014,
We received our child referral in March 2015,
Flew to Haiti for our Two-week visit April 2015...and we brought him home 8/20/2016.  
Prayers were appreciated!

                                                     Hunter 2015, Sr Prom

Hunter and his best friend Cody, 2015

Brent and Windie, in route to Haiti 2015

Windie & River, 2015 prom day

River & Windie, 2007                                                                                                                                       Hunter & River, 2003

River, Big Bass, Brent and Hunter, 2003                                                                 ~On a trip with my husbands company, 2006


Family fun in our back yard, 2008                                                                                                 Thanksgiving with family, 2008

Hunter and Windie, 2006                                                                                                       Family vacation, Big Cedar 2008

Hunter, Jennings (cousin)& River, 2008  

Hunter & River, HWY 66 Rainbow Bridge 2003

Windie & Brent NY, 2008
The DOW was low, but we are optimists!

April 26, 2009
An updated picture on Sunday afternoon after church, taken by our youngest, River.

River and Hunter
Four days before their hair cut! 
Pausing in play for a quick "cheesy picture," as they called it.

December 2010
in our home

Brooklyn 2011

Exclusive Cavapoo Breeder




2010 - A family photo taken at Grand Lake of the in the 30's with a wind chill...what were we thinking!?!?  Yet, we had a lot of laughs and fun.

SHOOK our house in 2011 and again in 2016.
The only things we seem to bypass are hurricanes and tsunami's.
We just feel nice cool breezes and occasionally rain,
while the coastal areas are really getting hit hard.

Yet, we wouldn't live any where else!!!

Sunny days, "hometown living," smiles and warm "hello's" everywhere you go!
Oklahoma is a wonderful and beautiful place to live & raise a family.


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