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These are some of our puppies in their new homes, some as adults and some as a puppy,
"References 1 and 2 and 3 "
for even more:

    *If I have missed putting your pictures and references, please email and call it to my attention!  I will post them asap. : ) *
Hello Laura and Randy,

I wanted to send you a note about WIndie  letting you know what a wonderful person and breeder she is.   I adopted a puppy from Windie a few years ago and I can tell you that our Cody is the best dog in the world.  I was never a dog owner and had no idea what to do or what it would be like to have a dog, so you can imagine I was a bit nervous and gun-shy about it.  I can tell you it was the MOST pleasant experience I could have ever imagined.  From the first conversation I had with her I could tell that she was one of the kindest, sweetest, and honest people I had ever come in contact with.  She was patient and answered all my questions over and over again (and I had a lot) both before I got Cody and for weeks after.  I could tell from talking to her what a sweet and caring person she was.  And her puppies are just the same way. Cody's personality and kind demeanor are a direct result of her.  I could not have asked for a more loving, sweet, kind-hearted doggie than my Cody.
From the moment he arrived at our house he has been a pleasure.  He trained like a dream (Windie begins that process at her house) and was instantly a part of our family.  He has been with us for almost 5  years  now and has brought so much joy into our house you can't imagine. 
Cody is good with children (I have 2), other animals and adults.  He's nearly always by my side or following me around.  I could not have asked for a better pet. 
I would HIGHLY recommend adding a Cavapoo as a pet for your family and for sure adopting him/her from Windie.  You will not be sorry!!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I have attached a picture of my dog for you to see.  Good Luck!!


Dear -----,

CallaLily Cavapoo's provided your contact information and said you are considering a cavapoo from her.  Our dog, Charlie, came to us in February and I can't say ENOUGH good things about him and about CallaLily Cavapoo's.

Charlie is the perfect temperment -- sweet, energetic & friendly.  He is highly intelligent and easy to train.  He is the perfect family dog.  He loves other dogs, loves children and adults.  We recently met a very young puppy and Charlie, who is playfully exuberant with other dogs, was very careful with the smaller puppy -- playful, but he knew to be more gentle.  

Windie knows her dogs.  She was always available for questions.  My sister also has a cavapoo from Windie and hers is as terrific as ours.  I just referred 3 other families, one of whom just got their puppy last week and are thrilled.  Charlie arrived happy and completely healthy.  Windie recommends great food for the dogs and has a holistic, healthy approach to their eating, training and lifestyle.  Charlie arrived able to go through the night.  He remains a picture of health and brings a smile to our face every day.

I am happy to answer specific questions if you want to contact me, but again, can't say enough great things about Windie and her puppies!

I am attaching a photo of Charlie (now 7 months) from our recent vacation, where he swam for the first time (and loved it).

Best regards,
Ginny ------
July 2011
Ginny & Charlie
Hi Windie!!!  I'm not sure if you got my last set of pictures or not but I have another cute one of Oliver I thought I would send over today. He was neutered yesterday and is doing great!!!  I just love him SO much!!!!  Hope you are doing well!!!!

Kristin and Ryan
July 2011
Oliver with Kristin Oliver with Ryan

Hi there,

I'm writing this at Windie's request, of Callalily Cavaliers.  My name is Vivian --- and I live in LA (although my parents are in -------- NJ - do you know it?).  I actually visited Windie's house in Oklahomathis past summer.  She is wonderful, and the pups are in fantastic care.  I have the sweetest little puppy from Windie that I got in October.  She nanny-ed him over here personally.  His name is Jasper.  Photo attached.  He was 90% potty trained when he got here, and has the sweetest, most affectionate temperament, and is so smart.  Everyone loves him.  I keep telling Windie that he is perfect.
Best regards,


I wanted to drop a quick note to assure you that these cavapoos and Windie are the BEST.  I have always had labs and I had to put my lab down at age 14.  I swore that I would not get another dog because my heart was so broken.  I was on facebook and saw a picture of a friend with the most precious puppy.  I emailed her and she told me the name of the breed.  I was so curious about the breed that I did my research and by God's grace was in touch with Windie. After we passed the dog owner test, it was time to get our new puppy, BOB!  Windie flew with Bob and we met in Denver.  I knew on the 
phone that Windie was honest,etc but when we got our puppy home, I knew this puppy was loved like no other.  They are so comfortable and the first night he acted like he had been with us forever. Since then, Bobby has been a delight.  People stop me on the street to comment on Bob's "energy" and how he should be a therapy dog because he makes everyone smile.  I have to agree that he does have this good energy about him.  He loves everyone and has so many dog friends!   He makes us laugh everyday!  We have a 3.5 year old and he is so good with her.  We are just thrilled!  He is loving his life in Aspen... he is here with me now in my office asleep at my feet.  However, I know in 30 minutes it will be time for our snow hike.  Anyway, so much for a short note but I just cant tell you how much we love our dog and how happy I am that I met Windie.  These dogs rock!  Like any dog, you need training, routine, etc... but he is the love of our lives!  I will send you a picture of him as a puppy and another one of him asleep with his office friend who is a Labrador in a separate email.

Windie, Bob wants to be on your website...Can you post some pics of him!?  I will send more to you if you would like.. thanks


Not kidding.. They were sleeping..NOT playing. Adorable!


Hi Windie,
It has been too long that we provided an update but Cooper will be 1 on Feb. 1!  We can hardly believe we've had him since April.  He brings so much love to the family and fun to our house.  We had our baby 5 months ago and we can't even begin to tell you how amazing he is with Lily.  From the first day, all he wants to do is lay near her, sit next to us when I'm feeding her and join in the bedtime routine.  When he hears our goodnight song, he comes running into her room!
Behaviorally, Cooper is doing great.  He loves Lily's toys...sometimes a little too much...but he understands "leave it."  He also runs into his crate when he sees us getting our jackets on to leave the house.  We barely have to ask him to go in and he's already sitting down waiting for his cookie.  We could go on for pages and pages but wanted to thank you for such a great puppy (soon to be an old man on Feb. 1).  Here is a picture - one of the many.
We can be a recommendation for anyone that asks and feel free to post this on your site.
Thank you,
Dear Windie,

We finally settled on the name Bella for the puppy you brought us last May, and she is an absolute joy. I am sorry that I have not sent you an update sooner. Bella is such a happy, playful and affectionate joy. We truly feel as if we have the perfect dog!
I am giving your name to some people who have spent some time with Bella and are smitten with her.

Best, Alissa

Hi Windie- 
Hope you are well.  Things here are fine.  Maggie is doing great and we are enjoying her so much.  
Here is a picture that I thought you would enjoy!!!  Hope all is well.  All the new puppies are sooo cute!!!  how many on the waiting list???  I bet a ton.  Ya never know when we may hop on that list.....
Did you watch extreme home makeover on Feb 8th???  Partylite was the candle provider on that show and Rena ---- is my friend and she did the decorating for the house...kind of cool.
Hope all is well my friend!!!  We miss you!!!

Windie, I finally remembered to send you some of the pics of "Princess Annabelle" in front of my hydrangea bush last summer.  Here they are.  Isn't she beautiful!!!   Naomi
Side note:  Annie is one of our retired mommies.  She fit right in immediately with Naomi and her family, including their 10 year old son Zack.  When you care for doggies as family members, they retire as family members.  A very important aspect for all of my doggies.
I thought you would like to see a few pictures of Cody just after his haircut.  Would you consider this a short cut and have you have Katie this short.  At first In thought it was short, but now I am getting used to it.  In any case, he is so cute.   
Take care,

Hi Windie

    As I write this email it is snowing and we are getting ready for a New Year’s celebration.  Speaking of snow…..Lucie loves the snow!!! She is almost 6 months old and has become a major part of our family.  Our life practically revolves around her. As a matter of fact, we just returned from a long weekend in Washington, DC to visit family. We drove with her from New York and stayed in a pet friendly hotel. She did great!
    Lucie is a VERY friendly puppy. She loves all people and other dogs…even the golden retrievers in the neighborhood. She graduated from puppy kindergarten and my younger daughter has taught her to sit, give paw, fetch and roll over.
    Lucie will be spayed in 2 weeks and then we will have her “officially” groomed.  However, no short, butchered haircuts for Lucie.
    I have attached a recent photo.  Please feel free to share on your website (which is great, by the way)
Happy New Year!

Hi Windie,  Hope all is well! Mr. MoMo is doing wonderful. Can't believe he
is now 6 months old. He is such a sensitive soulful boy as you can see in
his eyes. He and his sister absolutely love each other and play all the
time. He is such a great addition to our family. I will always have 2 dogs
from now on and the Cavapoo breed is perfect. They are so loving,
friendly(with kids, people,dogs),smart, non-shedding, and playful. May you
have a blessed 2009.  Fondly,  Laine

MoMo and Mandi
We have a cavapoo from Windie.  We're so happy with Gabby and so proud that Windie features on her the top of each page on her website, I'll attach pictures below.  I was the furthest thing from a dog lover, I never grew up with one and never was comfortable around them so I was very careful in making our choice.  Here are pictures of Gabby...
Hi Windie,

Happy New Year!
I have attached a picture of Roger at 1 year.  He is still the best dog EVER!  I always wanted to see pictures of your puppies as adults, so maybe this will help someone else with that same curiosity.  
Larry was over yesterday and his puppy "Dustin" is a joy.  They simply love him!
All my best to you and your family

1 year old
Hi Windie!

It's been a while - I meant to contact you before Christmas, but
things got hectic.  I just wanted to update you on Izzy (was Macy).
She's 10 months old now, and we've enjoyed every second of the last 7
months with her.  We can't remember what life was like before Izzy.
Let me just say that she is an AMAZING dog!  She's been perfectly
house trained since about September - we don't crate her; we have a
small area that we gate her in her when we're at work - we simply say,
"cubby" and she heads right in!  At night she sleeps at our feet in
our bed. As you can see from the pictures, she is absolutely gorgeous.
She doesn't have much of a wave - it's difficult to detect the poodle
in her, but wherever we go people comment on how beautiful she is.
She has been to NY twice and does extremely well during the 5 hour
drive from MD. It's a good thing, too, because my mother-in-law
insists we bring her when we visit!
Izzy knows all the basic tricks: sit, lie down, roll over, speak,
stay, etc. plus she dances and does an army crawl.  She loves to play
with her toys, but she does go through them rather quickly.  She has a
wonderful sense of humor - she makes us laugh all the time, and she's
also so lovable.  We feel truly blessed.  Last summer when we brought
Izzy home, two of our neighbors also got dogs. Unfortunately for them,
they have had a tough time training and dealing with certain terrible
behaviors.  They keep asking me for advice - How did I do it?  How do
I get her to be so great?  My only answer is that's just the way she

I've attached three recent pictures - the last one was our
card photo
.  Please put my gorgeous girl on the website!

I hope all is well in OK.  Best of luck with all the new puppies on
the way.  And thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU for our princess!


  Izzy is a "short haired" Cavapoo.









Dear Windie,

Christmas Greetings from your happy puppy in her Connecticut home!
Just wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have been able to adopt one of your cavapoo puppies back in June. I am snug as a bug on a snowy day with my adoring dog at my side.
We can't imagine life without her, she is a pure delight and has won the hearts of each member of our family.
As you recall, Toby is a short haired variety.  Her hair is silky and she reminds us of a mini (but elongated) golden retriever. She has melt your heart eyes.She weighs 14lbs which  is just what we were hoping.
She is playful and spirited at times and a calm lap dog at others. She is eager to please but  likes her treats (cheese, please) for being good. She has learned to enjoy boating (with her life jacket) and rides in the car. We took her to visit friends this summer and they added a cavapoo puppy to their family within a month!
She is in excellent health and we have not had any health issues.
I hope you are going to be breeding your wonderful puppies for a long time and can take a pride in knowing you are bringing joy and love to many families just like ours.

We finally got the proper equipment (I think) to send you some pictures of our Zoe.  We are now in obedience school, and we are becoming more obedient to Zoe's needs, even though that is not the way it is supposed to work.  She is such a precious dog, and really thrives on love and attention.  We have had to go to ...(omitted for privacy)... several times this year, and Zoe is the best traveler.  We put her in her kennel and she just lays down and goes along for the ride.  And she is a hotel pro, greeting all of the staff at our door with a wagging tail. 
She loves to go, and whenever we carry her kennel to the car she gets so excited.  We wanted you to know that we love her very much and she makes us laugh all the time with her funny antics.  She loves to play and she loves her back yard.  We had her into the vet's office last week and she weighs 11 pounds 2 ounces.
We hope that this message gives you some comfort knowing that one of your puppies has given so much love.  Especially now at Christmas time. 
We also hope that you and yours have the best holidays ever.
Bev and Dick

Hello Windie, 
Dustin is doing great.  He seems to be very happy and loves the entire family. 
Here are some pictures:

Hi Windie,
I just saw your new website and it looks great!!!  However, The pictures didn't show up and I was wondering if it was your website or my computer.  Anyway. attached are some new pictures of Cody.  These are after his haircut.  I know I am partial, but he is the cutest!!!!  One of the pictures is my daughter sleeping with him.  I thought you would think it was cute.  I figured by seeing how he looks next to a child you could get an idea of how big he has gotten.

Hi Windie.  
I have not written you in quite sometime so I wanted to send you a quick update.  Bailey is 5yrs old now.  He is the absolute sweetest dog possible.  He does not leave my side.  He is so patient and well behaved; I take him everywhere with me and everyone always compliments me on how cute and sweet he is.  He rarely barks.  He is a bit lazy, lol, but I know that is typical Cavalier.  While we had a rocky 1st week together, I could honestly not have asked for a better dog.  I've attached a recent picture for you.

Also, I am looking at getting another puppy.  I think Bailey would really love having a playmate and companion to keep him company during the day while I am at work.  Sometimes he looks so bored and since I'm "mommy", I can't seem to get him to play with me.  He only wants to cuddle.
Brenda and Bailey
Rumi Wisdom
Family and Friends First


Act with passion.
Love unconditionally.
Believe in yourself with all of your heart.

I love to romp around, chase squirrels, play with pups in the park, chew on my bones, nestle in bed, and jump on Skylar, and you can be sure that I am committed to my family and friends. Skylar, my step brother, a handsome Golden Retriever, is my number one playmate; he is the best at tug-of-war and pursuing any live action in the backyard. Molly, my Goldendoodle buddy, and I run through the trees, tumble in the brush and jump in the stream together every chance we get.

And then there is my Mom and all her friends: they all pick me up too often and I love them. Mom feeds me, goes on long walks everyday, gives me yummy treats, scratches my tummy, cuddles on the couch and plays spoon with me in bed! I am a pack animal and I have the best pack of buddies - I am committed and follow through!

with permission:  
Hi Windie!

Well, it's been three days, and we couldn't be happier with our newest
family member.  Izzy is such a joy - I just can't put it into words.
You were right - she is playful, but not hyper; and she is so sweet!
She was pretty sleepy for the first day, but we had a blast the second
day.  A lot of friends stopped by, and she was great with everyone, from
the 2-year-old down the street to my 70-year-old mother. We are all in
love with her.
We saw the vet today, and she said that she never saw such thorough
medical records from a breeder before.  (Of course she also said that
Izzy is beautiful and in perfect health, too!)  The only vaccine we had
to add was for lymes disease (very prevalent in this area).  Otherwise,
she was completely up-to-date and in excellent condition.
She goes right into her crate to sleep at night - no crying!  House
training is going very well - only one piddle in the house on the first
night.  She actually scratches at the door to go outside!  You've done
an amazing job with her.  She already sits on command and fetches (sort
of ;-).  We are just so excited about Izzy.  Drew keeps saying, "You
made the right choice with this doggie, Mommy!"  
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!  She is the best!
I'll keep in touch!
PS - I hope the pictures came through - it's a new program.  Let me know
if you can't see them for some reason, and feel free to use whatever you
want on the website.








Hi Windie,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your beautiful new cavapoo litters!  I just wanted to say hello and send you some photos of Lulu (formerly Tiarra). She's 6 months old today and I can't believe it's going so fast.  She's 12.5 lbs. and going for spaying next week already.  Lulu is my pride and joy and I just love her and can't get enough of her.  She's so playful and lovable and is the most sociable dog in the neighborhood.  We walk almost everday (weather permitting) and she just wants to greet everyone and play with every dog that walks by.  She's makes friends wherever she goes and is so gentle around kids.  We are is the middle of our puppy classes and she's doing just fine.  She's very smart and learns very quickly (once I get her focused because she just wants to play with the other doggies!)  It's so funny because she's just fearless.  Big or small, no matter what the size or make, she loves all dogs.  I've attached some pictures.  You'll notice at one point you can't see her face, so I had her groomed so we can adore her preciousness.  In another, she's playing with one of her buddies, my friend's Boston Terrier.  Thanks for breeding such wonderful, loving, and adoring puppies.  She's perfect in everyway (so long as I keep my shoes locked away:) and I am so lucky to have her.
Please feel free to post anything to your website.




Hi Windie,
Thank you so much for the puppy. You did an excellent job with him and
he is so good and well behaved. He is getting lots of attention and
loves to play. Thanks so much!
The M..... family



As you can see Sophie enjoyed her Christmas experience although the picture of her
on the back of the couch indicates how tiring it was for a little girl!



How are you doing this winter?  Rumi and Skylar are wonderbar…….Believe it or not Rumi now weigh 17.2 lbs – more than I had hoped,  but the vet says he is the perfect weight so what can I say!

Here are the first pics of the trip to Uganda and Rwanda !  

May 2008 be filled with the best of times.


Archie’s vet appt went perfectly.  Everything looked good, as I anticipated. He has been sleeping well at night (8 hours in his crate in our room).  Yea!!!  He has been having a few accidents, but we are working on it.
Thanks again!

Hi Windie,

Here is something to put in your reference page if you want.   There are pictures attached.  Thanks!!!!! 

We love Archie!!!!  Thanks so much for all the care that you and your family gave him in the 12 weeks before we got him. He is now 7 ½ pounds, but looks bigger to me!   Archie is all recovered from entering surgery and is learning his commands fast (for a dog that is!)  He hasn’t had an accident for 4 days so we are crossing our fingers! 
He is starting to ring the bell on the door...what a smart doggy!  He sits and rolls over the best and is pretty good at stay and come.  We want to teach him to get on his hind legs and dance! 
That may take a bit of work.  We will keep in touch. 
Thanks for letting me call you for tips. 

I feel like I know you well...sorry we could not have met. 
If you ever come to Columbus , call us!




From: Leigh 

Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 10:13:33 AM
Subject: Cavapoo Puppy: Windie


Windie asked me to email you regarding our new Cavapoo puppy from her;  "Roger" is a dream.  
I was very nervous about getting a dog online, but couldn't find a breeder nearby.  
Coincidentally, my family lives in Oklahoma.  So last November I asked my mother to  drive the hour to take a look at
Callalily Cavaliers and to see Windie.  
My mother said she had never seen such a loving and clean facility, ever!  We have had a lot of dogs,
so that is an important endorsement.  I can assure you, it is not a puppy mill and these are very healthy puppies.  
My sister flew to Boston with Roger on December 20th, he was 9 weeks old - a little younger than Windie likes,
but it was Christmas and he flew with someone in the cabin.  
I HIGHLY recommend you use nanny transport.  Cargo can really scare puppies just separating from their litter.
He has been so easy, so smart and so healthy.  We have an older dog and they get along great.  
He is fun with our kids, loves the car and easily learns commands.  Our vet said he is perfect. 
I hope this helps,
Enjoy your new family member!





Hello, our names are James and Christophe, we adopted Piper a 10 and half month old Cavapoo Puppy from Windie in March 2007.  She has exceeded every expectation that Windie and her infamous puppies put forth.   

Piper’s parents were Max and Oprah which delivered a great mix of black and white markings for Piper. 
Her personality, coat texture, demeanor, ability to adapt, and not to mention her brains are phenomenal.  
I can’t tell you how many times we get compliments on her for appearance as well as her ability to be well behaved.  She is now bigger than both her parents “I believe” in that she is just over 14lbs, totally healthy, and full of life.  She has been on a plane about as much as we have… this past year we have taken her to France and to Atlanta
When it came to potty training we only experienced two accidents the entire time.
Windie, was definitely our breeder of choice for the Cavapoo. 
Her approach to care and concern, first centered with the puppy and then to the human.  Since both Christophe and I are animal people, this was totally up our alley.  We would much rather get a dog from someone that priorititize Dogs first, People Second.  Don’t get me wrong Windie has the best of both in her… she has done follow up emails when needed, along with advice when asked all with a level of concern that has definitely moved her to the “friend” category in our books.  
You do have the ability to come and visit Piper if you so choose. 
She goes to work with Christophe Tuesday through Friday.  
Please do not hesitate to ask any questions,
E-mail reference received: 01-29-2008, Piper is almost year old.


August 16, 2008


Hey Windie!!

We just wanted to give you an update.  Bentlee and Shiloh are having so much fun together.  
We are so glad that decided to get Shiloh, because they constantly play together and are best friends!!  
Their personalities are completely different though.  She is Ms. Independent and rarely stays by my side,
whereas Bentlee is a total mommas boy and wants to be by my side always.  They are both such a joy to Rhett and I
and we can't imagine what life would be like without them.  They are definitely our children.
 I have attached several pics! In the first two pictures, I am convinced they are smiling..  The next two are the most recent.  
The last one is when we first got her and Bentlee was desperately needing a hair cut...but it's too cute of them.
Take care and talk to you soon!!

FYI:  Here in this picture Shiloh is about 6 months old and Bentlee about a year and 3-4 months. 
Shiloh is a creamed apricot and Bentley is a dark apricot to red coloring.

July 15, 2008


Hi Windie,
I hope you are well!  We are all doing great!

Here are some pictures of me and Tess at puppy class that another class member took.  I still haven't "gone digital",

so I can't send you any pictures myself :(  Soon enough we will buy a digital camera...

The pictures are far from great, however they can give you an idea how Tess is growing. 

She's so smart (too smart???), and funny, and perfectly content (OK, thrilled!) to be a part of our family. 

We are appreciative of Tess, and all that you do, everyday!

Take care,
Your friend,


July 15, 2008


Dear Windie,
I am so sorry it has taken me this long to write you.  Cody (formally Boston) has been with us about 6 weeks now,
and he is such a wonderful part of our family that it seems like he has been with us forever.  Cody is the BEST dog ever!!!  
We are so in love with him.  He is sweet, kind, loving and so smart.  The house training has been going well. 
He is even starting to give us some clues.  We haven't had an accident in over a week.  We are even training him to sit, stay,
come and lay down.  The trainer I used told me he is a very smart dog and will train very quickly.  Cody loves to follow us
around the house and just be with us at all times.  We take him to all of Justin's baseball games and he is so good. 
He plays with all the kids and just sits with us so quietly.  Everyone who meets him can't believe how adorable and soft his coat is. 
A few people have said that if they were to get a dog they would definitely consider a cavapoo. 
He is sleeping good at night, but gets up a bit early (6:15 or so).  But I am sure as he gets older he will sleep a longer.  
Mark loves spending time with him in the morning.  It  is their special time together. 
Thank you for taking such wonderful care of him before he came to us.  You have given us the most wonderful addition to our family. 
I can't imagine our lives without Cody.  I have attached a couple of pictures.  He is about 13 or 14 weeks in the pictures. 
I've also included the picture of the four of us at the airport and you with Cody.   Feel free to put them on your website.
You are the best.  Thank you again.  All the best,





May 2008

Adopting number TWO:
Bentlee at over a year old and Shiloh at 10 weeks old-their "kids."   =)

Hey Windie!!  

Sorry I am just now getting back to you!  The kids are doing great.  
Bentlee is in love with her...  she is such a little character.  She is so much more awnry than Bentlee
was at her age! She is not scared to tackle him.  : ) But she is precious and they are having a blast!!  
I will definitely email them to let them know what a blessing he has been to us... not a problem at all!!

They both just went to the vet and are both in perfect condition!!
Talk to you soon!

May 2008

Windie, I don't know where to begin to tell you how much our lives have changed in the last 72 hours.  We were a happy family before, truly, but now... I never could have predicted how much incredible happiness Izzy has brought into our lives.

Your potty advice was great - she's been terrific since Wednesday night. Like I'd written before, it's more of US
learning about HER needs and taking her cues. And I do have to say that "maternal instinct" goes a very long way here!!   It's like kids - only a little different (ha!).

In any case, clearly you have nurtured and cared for these puppies with such skill and such love -
I really cannot put into words our gratitude to you.

Marly wants you to know that at soccer practice yesterday, Izzy was your best form of advertising!
The team went nuts over her. Two moms said they had cockapoos on their radar screen but now wanted your information so they could instead look for a cavapoo!!! We live in a small town and already she's created quite a stir!!

Well, our girl did great business this morning and is now playing w/ Jake's mini football. 
We are obsessed with every move she makes. We are all in love - what can I say?!

I hope all is well with you and your family!!!!!!!!



May 2008

Hey, thought you would enjoy seeing Max after his first haircut.  He looked like a fluffy sheep rug before his haircut and now he looks half the size he was before and very COOL    I should have weighed him before his cut.  

His groomer is called ------------------------ DAY SPA  and they lovingly groom only a few dogs daily while playing music, giving them treats, taking them on walks, and holding them in big, cushy crates with nice beds in them.. all for only $37 for Max's puppy cut.  Unbelievable.    Max got an A on his first grooming report card LOL and she said he was really good for his first cut.  He didn't seem stressed at all when I picked him up.  YEAH!  I got a B for brushing him so I need to work on that 

He took his first swim in the pool yesterday and decided he likes it.  He was 5 months old on 5/27 and we can't imagine our home without him and Babe.  They make us laugh every single day and Max has been officially named Maximus Barney because he reminds us so much of our beloved Barney Boy.

Hope all is well with you.  It's HOT here so we were out at 6:30 for our morning walk. 
Love ya!
p.s. Babe says hi too!
May 28, 2008

Hello Windie,

I hope all is well, I am dropping you little note to let you know than Piper just had her one years visit at the vet.. She of course did extremely well; she now weights 15.8 lbs, the vet was very impress with the way she looked. She really turned into a beautiful teenager, she is very fit and extremely well behaved, and I am not just saying that because she is my little girl!!!! =)

We were out of the country last week, so she spent a week at the trainers which she has never before.When he brought her back to us he told us how good of a choice we made when we picked her, how special and smart she was and I promise I am not bias =) 

Thank you again for giving her life and trusting us with it,

Love, Christophe

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that takes our breath away.





May 27, 2008

Hi Windie,

We love Archie!  He is trained on his electric fence...learned fast!  He is a great dog.
He loves everybody and other dogs.  
He is about 15 lbs now...perfect size. 
We are wondering if he is done
growing now that he is 7 months old. Anyway, thanks again! 
Just thought you would enjoy seeing what he looks like. 
Everyone who sees him says how cute he is!!!!
Have a great summer (you deserve it!)


May 2008
Here is a picture of Riley and Danielle.  Can you tell
he's spoiled already! 



Hi Windie!
I have been wanting to send this since we got her just one week ago. Annie has been such a joy for our family.
Although the puppy stage is a lot of work, she is worth it! Annie has slept through the night from the first night on
and only whined for ten minutes the first two nights. Potty training is going well with only two piddles in the house
(but I blame myself for that as I should have taken her out earlier). Surprisingly, she is very good at playing fetch,
who would have thought! Her fur is so amazingly soft and she does not shed at all, so cool!
Annie did so well at her first Vet appointment. The Vet was very impressed at how great she looked as well as
your very thorough shot record. It was funny to see all the Tech's coming in after the appointment was done to
"see the cutest dog they had heard about". She was very popular. I look forward to taking her on walks when her shots
are all taken care of. Puppy classes start in a month as well.
Thank you for our little Annie. It is obvious that she was very loved by you. Oh and I have to tell you, my youngest daughter
Olivia said to me yesterday, "Mom, can you please tell the lady with the curliest hair ever, thank you for giving us Annie", sooo cute!
We will send more pics soon and good luck with the new puppies!
Thanks for everything!
Lauren and family
PS. Feel free to post of you want.  




                                 Above as a puppy, below at a year old.


Bentlee:   as a puppy and now a year old.  (He is also pictured above with his new sister) ;-)

(Hollie and Sparky's baby, note yet another cool style to wear Cavapoo Hair!) 

Hey Wendie!  It's Lauren and Rhett ....
I know it's been a long time since you have heard from us, almost a year because Bentlee will be 1 this month!!  I am embarrassed that we never sent you pictures or kept you updated, but I want to let you and your family know that Bentlee has blessed our lives more than we could ever tell you.  He is such an amazing dog, so sweet, smart, and such a joy to much that we want another one!!


(This was an email I sent out and their return emailed response, 2/20/2008. 
Their puppy is one of Katie and Sparky's 2007 litter, F1b's.)


Sorry for such a late reply.  Heidi, Olivia, Demetra and myself can't begin to tell you how much we love Spot.  He has been the perfect dog.

Let me answer your questions (see below, I will respond next to each of your questions).

1.     If your puppy were what you had hoped for...
- - - -And much more.  He is playful, intelligent, and has such a good temperament.  He is much more than we expected.
2.     **How much they are weighing?
- - - -14.2 pounds.  We received him at 14wks (DOB 5/31) and I believe he was 6.5 pounds.
3.     **How easily they have trained for you?  If you went to a puppy
kindergarten?  Self trained?
- - - - We have gone to a puppy tng class.  He is quite smart.  Just basic stuff for now, in the Spring we will move on to the next level.
4.     **If there was anything that, in your opinion, from my end of the world
would have added to the joy of your new puppy.
- - - -Can't think of a thing.  the entire process went very well.
5.     **Do you consider your puppy a Low shed or no-shed coat?
- - - -Absolutely.  He is a No shed dog.
6.     **Have you or your family had any allergy issues associated with the
- - - -None.
7.     **Their overall personality?
- - - -Playful, friendly.  He likes a bit of exercise and play time, but certainly more of a lap dog.  He is very tolerant of an occasionally over affectionate child.
8.     **How are they with children?
- - - -Again, could not be better.
9.     **How are they with other animals?
- - - -Curious, still a bit shy, but friendly.
10.     **Any additional comments.
- - - -Again, just THANKS!

Theodore,  LtCol USAF     


Hi Windie:
Hank is great- so funny and cute!  His final weight appears to be about 34 pounds.  He is definitely a big boy. 
I am glad to report that Hank had an un traumatic first year with us.  He is terrific with everyone and
he & Hannah are especially close.  He is very spoiled and sleeps up on the bed with us-
when he isn't sleeping on his dog bed by the front door.  He continues to pursue the cats (he loves them)-
our alpha cat, Latke, and Hank have a comical relationship. Hank loves the cold weather and even likes
to lay outside when it is very, very cold.  Our neighbors have a lab puppy and Hank and he spends a lot of time hiding
and retrieving Bully Sticks, stuffed toys and whatever else they can find.
We continue to give your name out as people ask about Hank.  He has quite a fan club around our neighborhood.  
I hope all is well with you- Hannah wanted to write you a note which is below.
Take care!
Hi this is Hannah, Hank is so great he snuggles up and loves to give kisses he is so sweet.
We were walking on the lake, which is covered in ice today, and we met a dog named Molly
and right away Hank was jumping and down happy and excited. Thanks for giving us this great dog


This is Hank above, at one year old

One picture with his one year old birthday cake and the other after his 5 hour luxury spa treatment.

So you can see "foo-foo" vs. "shabby sheek" from the same (now adult) doggie, both during the same month.

I think he is adorable both ways!!!!  : )

Pictures are both from 2/2008.

Hank is our largest known adult Cavapoo, wieghing in at 34#'s.  His mommy is Winnie and his daddy was a tiny

toy poodle of  4#'s.  We artifically insiminated Winnie.  Hank's sister Sophie, below, is 8#'s which shows that

we can not always predict the exact adult size, nor fully manipulate it.  : )



Happy One year birthday Sophie!

You can see her size in comparison to her mommy, Donna's, hands.



Milo with his doggie buddies in NY.
It was a snowy cold day, but they seem very cozy!



Dear Windie,
Wanted to write you for some time now - just hadn't gotten around to uploading some new photos until today to include with this note. 
Roscoe is such a sweet and smart puppy!  EVERYONE he meets just thinks he's the darnest cutest thing! 
He really makes momma and pappa very proud! 
And boy!  He's gotten big these past two months!  Now weighs 16 lbs!  He just turned 6 months on Feb 6th. 
Attached are recent photos taken a few weeks ago.  I haven't mastered red eye reduction yet... but still I love this
Good Dog Roscoe shot the best and thought you might too!  I'm also sending a photo I snapped this past Tuesday
night when Roscoe was full of kisses for Nana (Sean's mom) which just tickled her pink!  Nana adores him and
we've been seeing more of her now since his arrival too.  Hmmmm, I wonder why.... ha ha.
He's only had one grooming so far - we didn't have much taken off as we like his fluffy soft silky hair. 
But we definitely took lots off around the face so we can finally see his eyes and he can see too! 
And he's doing extremely well in puppy school, although we think he's ready for more adolescent training
as most of the steps they are still teaching in class he's already mastered (yes, we have jumped ahead
of the trainer a little).  Roscoe is such a quick learner that he learned how to use the jingle bells to tell us he need
to go out to potty about as quickly as I hung them up!  So it's been easier to manage potty breaks with him now. 
And we found a great dog walker so we could let Roscoe out of the house in the afternoons which keeps him energized
and always learning!  Our dog walker used to dog walk at the SPCA and is slowly teaching him how to walk off-leash
and other good doggie skills.   :-) 
We hope the weather has calmed down a but for you up in OK and that you're enjoying the New Year so far.
Angie & Sean
 2/6/2008, Remy is Spot's brother from the above reference from Ted (Theodore) and is also from Katie and Sparky's same 2007 litter
            Hello Windie !!

     I hope all is well with you & your family.  I received your questionnaire and here are my answers.  Remy is just over 8 months old, he weighs about 11 lbs , we were doing good with potty training, but we have seemed to have gone backwards.  I’m not sure what to do, I bring him to the door about 100 times a day, but I think I will have to use the crate more when I’m busy at home and can’t keep constant watch on him.  We did attend puppy kindergarten, I found some helpful tips.  Remy doesn’t shed at all; his hair has come in really thick & curly.  We have had no allergy issues, he is very playful, gets easily excited when people come over, we warn the women not to talk to him when they first walk in my house or else he piddles—we found if they don’t make a big fuse over him he doesn’t piddle.      He is very excited with children, he loves them—jumps on them but that is him being a puppy.   He doesn’t like men—takes a while to warm up to any male company we have.  He loves to play w/my dads dogs ( Yorkshire terriers) they on the other hand are older and don’t feel like playing. Overall our first dog owning experience has been great.  He loves to be with us, if I sit on the couch he has to sit right next to you, (he actually has to be touching you)  At night he sleeps in his crate—he will actually go in it when we go up to our bedroom at night.  I hope to send pictures soon.  I got a new camera for Christmas

Talk to you soon.

puppy picture, day of arrival (I do not have an updated picture yet)


This is our Doggie House below:

Reference 01-30-2008: 

Hi, Windie asked me to email you regarding our new Cavapoo
puppy from her;  "Roger" is a dream.  I was very nervous about
getting a
dog online, but couldn't find a breeder nearby.   Coincidentally,
my family lives in Oklahoma.  So last November (2007) I asked my mother
to  drive the hour to take a look at Callalily Cavaliers and to see Windie.   
My mother said she had never seen such a loving and clean facility, ever!  We have had a lot of dogs, so that is an important endorsement.  
I can assure you, it is not a puppy mill and these are very healthy puppies.  My sister flew to Boston with Roger on December 20th, he was 9 weeks old - a little younger than Windie likes, but it was Christmas
and he flew with someone in the cabin.  
I HIGHLY recommend you use nanny transport.  
Cargo can really scare puppies just separating from their litter. 
He has been so easy,
so smart and so healthy.  We have an older dog
and they get along great.  He is fun with our kids, loves the car and
easily learns commands.  
Our vet said he is perfect. 
I hope this helps, Enjoy your new family member!
Reference 02-01-2008
Windie asked me if I would share my personal experience in purchasing my dog, "Bella", with her. 
I'd be happy to help.  ;o)

  • When we began our search in finding a family dog, we weren't sure what breed we were looking for.  Finally, I had narrowed
  •  it down to the "cavapoo" breed.  I quickly realized there weren't many breeders for cavapoo's in my area as I searched our
    local paper and then the internet.  However, I came across Windie's website:
    and there I found our Bella.  We called Windie to inquire about her dogs and immediately I got a sense of warmth and could tell
    how much Windie truly cared for her dogs!  She e-mailed us some photo's of Bella and my husband and I felt very comfortable 
    giving her a deposit ahead of time to secure our puppy.  Then, when Bella was old enough (about 10 weeks), we made arrangements
    to pick her up.  We live quite a distance from Windie but she was very willing to meet us half-way with our Bella.  She was
    very professional and provided us all the necessary documentation in relation to adopting our puppy.  
    Still, as of today, Windie and I keep in touch via e-mail.  I'll send her updates of Bella and she loves receiving them!  ;o) 
    Windie is very trustworty and compassionate with her dogs and I am very pleased to refer her to anyone!  If you are thinking
    of purchasing a puppy with Windie, you will be very pleased!  Bella is a very good natured dog.  She is a people pleaser
    and very very loving!  She's great with our daughters too!  She's playful and just has a very warm personality. 
    She's very smart and learns quickly.  She also has a very beautiful, shiny and soft coat.  I'm very pleased with our choice. 
    **I'll attach pics.**  Also, Bella is featured on Windie's website on the first page.  ;o) 
    She is sitting on our sofa in one pic and lying on the bed with our daughter in the other pic.  
    She is so black you can barely make her out!  lol 
    If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me.  ;o)
    Best wishes,


    We are a small breeder

    with a small number of mommies and daddies

    and thus

    ~a small number of puppies


    keep an eye on us:

    our puppies go very quickly to their

    new and wonderfully choicen

    "forever homes"

    Please do not use without first contacting us.

  • This is for our approved and confirmed families use.

  • Thank you.


    Please Include Puppies Name with PayPal Invoice & Payment:

    ***Add additional 2.9% fee to total adoption and transportation fee when using PayPal***

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